Let These Earth Creatures Have Their Fun - For Now!
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Invaders from the Ice World is a Silver Age DC Comics story (available here as a PDF in its entirety) about the time living Snowmen who shoot lasers from their eyes came to attack the Earth. Merry Christmas!! (found via I'm Learning To Share)
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Wait! I thought carbon dioxide caused global warming and not global pluto energy being colonies.

Some call Mr. Gore!
posted by Pants! at 11:00 AM on December 21, 2007

That snowman is shaped exactly like me!
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It beats the current mess of shitty crossovers.
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living, laser-eyed snowmen somehow fail to strike fear into the hearts of native southern californians like myself.
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Again With The Comics posted a link to that cover a couple weeks back. Strange Adventures seems to have done lots of these weird stories.
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We described our sinister plot to each other in excruciating detail even as we carried it out!
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The link to the PDF goes to some hosed storage page.
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Here's Johnny Craig's All Through The House, from EC's Vault of Horror.
Love that cover.
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Sleestak's most recent post is even better, methinks: Frosty The Golem.
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What? No frickin'lasers tag?
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