I'm too sad to tell you...
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A site for artist Bas Jan Ader (wikipedia) who was last seen in 1975 when he took off in what would have been the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic. Site includes his most famous piece, I'm Too Sad to Tell You.
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It freaks me out that I'm Too Sad To Tell You reminds me of Leave Britney Alone without the screaming.
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And that's a really nice website, btw.
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Kinda reminds me of The Passion of Joan of Arc without the burning to death.
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He should've done some research, he had been beat by a few years and several feet:

For 85 difficult days in 1968, Hugo Vihlen set his first world record for crossing the Atlantic, east to west, in a 5-foot-11-inch homebuilt sailboat named April Fool. He braved rough seas in his plywood and fiberglass vessel and slept with his knees bent.

Not a great link but I remembered this from a sailing book and was just verklempt that someone had crossed in a boat shorter than me.
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I remember reading about the Fall series years ago and never got to see the footage until now. Thanks!
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Sailors never quite understand why they cannot climb Everest. Odd lot for sure.
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Man, those films don't seem very interesting at all.
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It worked for me!

It's difficult to put to words but Bas Jan Ader's presentation of gravity foibling seemed to denote that reality is interesting and subjective to this existence alone. Other than here may be interesting, too, but this is what all of us have to work with.

Neat! Good post!
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Fake. No one was that sad in 1971.
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Great site, wonderful post. Hate to say it but was reminded of Leave Britney Alone as well. Ader's work seems contemplatively sad and his falling images kind of suicidal. Wonder if his mini-boat trip was a kind of suicide-as-artwork?
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" No one was that sad in 1971"
True, Bellman. So what went right in the past thirty six years to make us all "happy"
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No one was that sad in 1971.

Oh, yeah?
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Great site - how did they do that ?
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Thanks for posting this.
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On further thought, I get it even more. Existence and physical reality in real life is, well, surfing.

Some of us are afraid of the water. Some of us stay on the small waves. Some of us go big.

But in the end, one way or another, it's all surfing.

This makes me happy!
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