Judge a book by its cover.
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Site for Henry Sene Yee, book designer. Site includes finished pieces and rejected proofs.
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Wow "Exotics trader" is a real job.
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"For those who have resisted purchasing the hardcover because of the pricetag, now is your opportunity to obtain a light, portable copy, with a sleek new cover, designed by Henry Sene Yee, which has a bold, noir, mid-50s feel, reminiscent of film posters by Saul Bass. The graphic echo of the twin towers is evident on the spine, the title page, and even in the juxtaposition of the title and subtitle on the cover." Author David Friend

A book. Judged by its cover.
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A book. Judged by its cover.
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I prefer the paperback cover. Great content to that book too. I really enjoyed reading it an meeting David last year.
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To nitpick: Cover design is not book design. They're often done by different designers.

It's cool that the page goes all the way back to his first covers after graduating from design school.
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There are a lot of great covers here. I guess I've been a Henry Sene Yee fan without even knowing him by name.

I love this quote from him about how to design book covers in the comments for Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay":

First you start with a blank page, stare and think really hard, drink lots of coffee, take lots of breaks, update your Facebook page, get over the fears that this is going to be the project that will finally expose me as the Hack that I am, and then just trust to do what you feel is right from what you've read, leave work at a decent hour, have a life, floss, get enough sleep and come back the next day to redo it all over again. It's that simple and fun. And if it isn't, then get another blank sheet and start all over again.
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Good stuff.
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great site. thanks.
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I would love to see more cover artists blog like this.
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Powerful, striking stuff.
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