A reading of "In the Late December," by Greg van Eekhout
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"In the Late December" (MP3 link), by Greg van Eekhout, is a Nebula award-nominated story about Santa Claus and the end of the universe, and is Escape Pod #138. (By the way, this is a very dark story -- there's no sex or violence but this probably isn't suitable for kids, where "kids" is defined as a stereotypical aggregate of child-like characteristics. Yours may be different.)
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“You, sir,” the silver boy says, “are a tiresome consciousness cluster. Your binary value system remains as laughable as it is irrelevant. How you manage to remain cohesive is beyond me.”

“My value system is hardly binary,” Santa says. “In between naughty and nice I’ve made room for you: grumpy but fundamentally sound. Do you want a toy or not?”

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If you are a scrooge like me who can't stand people reading to you, here is the text version of the story.
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Thank you, moonbiter, I wouldn't have bothered otherwise. (Writing is written to be read, damn it.)

That was surreal but enjoyable.
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+1 Improved my otherwise less-than-optimal Christmas.
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Ah, thanks much moonbiter!
posted by JHarris at 2:01 PM on December 25, 2007

Yeah, thanks, moonbiter. You can read something to me three times, and, no lie, it's in one ear and out the other.

I read something once and it's there forever. And this is a great story to have stuck in my mind.
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Thanks, moonbiter. I too skipped the reading but found the text version enjoyable.
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Good story. Thanks, moonbiter.
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Love the story - thanks JHarris and moonbiter!
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I thought it said Greg Evigan.
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Being a scrooge (but still busy for the holidays), I forgot to thank JHarris for the FPP. Thanks!
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I liked this. It grabs my imagination quickly, although I pictured alot of it looking like something from Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii.
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That was amazing.
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