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The Plesiosaur Directory: Your online resource for everything 'plesiosaur'. [Previously, on MeFi]
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...plesiosaurs do suit bowler hats. Dashing.
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Bullshit? Or not
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For Magical Liopleurodons that know the way to Candy Mountain, see Charlie the Unicorn.
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I especially loved discovering, a peek at the previously unheard-of intersection between cryptozoology and young-earth creationism. It's two wackinesses for the price of one!
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Kudos to the site for making a clear distinction between dinosaurs and marine reptiles. One of my biggest (and nerdiest) pet peeves is hearing ichthyosaurs and pterosaurs being called dinos. Otherwise, it's a pretty cool science site too!
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That's funny. I know one of these guys. Don't forget the Pleaseeasaur MySpace page!
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Count me as another devoted friend and fan of Pleaseeasaur
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