Securing Pakistan's Nukes
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Given this morning's news, I figured we could all do with a primer on the state of security regarding Pakistan's nuclear weapons. It's a very murky situation, but here's a collection of some of the best available data & analysis. I won't even try to summarize or characterize the various articles, I think any attempt I'd make would reduce their information past usefulness.

So here you go, make of it what you will: U.S. Secretly Aids Pakistan in Guarding Nuclear Arms (NYT), Inside Pakistan's Drive To Guard Its A-Bombs (WSJ), Pakistan Nuclear Security Questioned (WP), The Stand-off (New Yorker), The Times’s Three-Year Silence on Pakistan’s Nukes (CJR), Securing Pakistan's Nukes (Danger Room), Pak nukes already under US control (Stratfor Report) & finally a Permissive Action Link Primer. Enjoy.
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This would be an excellent comment to post in the Bhutto thread, which is still going strong.
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Yeah, thanks for the links, but please post below.
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