The Chinese pilot ejected, but it presumed dead.
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The Chinese pilot ejected, but it presumed dead. The US goes halfsies on the apology thing.
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doublepostguy, you first ...
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Irony isn't news.
The US doing the pee-pee dance is.

Inside the inner chamber of international politics lurks the subtle dynamics of a kindergarten recess.

How can you NOT be entertained?
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Anyway, let's just ignore this one and go over here.
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Thanks for the argument from intimidation, but it's just so four hours ago.
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"Later, Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan summoned the United States Ambassador to Beijing, Adm. Joseph Prueher, to his office for an official dressing down. According to the Chinese news agency account of the meeting, he said that the United States "has displayed an arrogant air, used lame arguments, confounded right and wrong and made groundless accusations against China.""

"Lame" arguments?

Did the Chinese really say 'lame'? I don't think they're cool enough to use a word like 'lame'.
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I wonder if an American video game translated badly into Chinese has become an annoying weblog topic with the ChiComs?
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They did and they have every right.
It was lame.

Never the less, if Tang has a personal problem with this I'm on Drippy's TFC2 every night around nine-ish, and if he was really interested in talking about llamas we could address the issue then.

California. Uber alles...
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"lame arguments" or "lame excuses" have been in the language for a very long time. The casual-speech term probably derives from this as opposed to the more obvious meaning.

Shakespeare had Desdemona cry out, "O most lame and impotent conclusion!" They didn't mince words in their metaphors in the old days.
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Niether did Jerry Mather.

But he didn't play Halflife.
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* Ahem. Gosh-darn-it.

Mathers. Like that Shadey fellow.
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