What would lead someone to create the Ballbra men's underwear?
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Kreso Gotovac, inventor/designer of the Ballbra, is interviewed at UndiesDrawer. You've got to wonder what led Gotovac to first conceive the Ballbra idea, so UndiesDrawer asked. He also throws in his thoughts on the current men's underwear market and what's in store for the future of Ballbra. If you've never seen a Ballbra, you must click through just for sheer entertainment value.
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I dunno about the ballbra, but I'd definitely never wear that red thong type contraption. It'd make my hindquarters look like Gene Shalit wearing a gag.

(also, speaking as a guy, I've never found ligerie all that all fired inspiring or whatever and this stuff is basically lingerie for men which seems even more ridiculous)
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I doubt he is old enough to have invented the codpiece which dates to the 15th century.
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Pepsi blueballs.
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Soon after arriving at my office from the trip, I met with my team and created the Ballbra lineup which is globally recognized today.

I seriously doubt the validity of that statement. Also, barf. Barf on the name, barf on the concept, and barf on the implementation. I'm sure, however, that this will be an product appreciated by gigolos and pimps worldwide.
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UD: How did the idea for Ballbra start? How'd you come up with the name?

KG: This is a question everyone wants to know. The idea came to me in August 2005, during our yearly catamaran boat cruise around the beautiful Adriatic islands in Croatia. Stopping on the island of Korcula, we had gone swimming on one of the local beaches. While lying on the beach I saw a gentleman's balls fall from his underwear as he was changing in front of me. I thought straight away, this man needs a Ballbra and the design hit me immediately.

I can't tell you the number of times I've been inspired to start a business when I see a "gentleman's balls fall from his underwear", if it wasn't for the errant nutsacks of the Mediterranean the global economy would be at a standstill.
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just give him a wedgie...

never mind.
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Aw dammit, I was looking forward to some quippin'.
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Someone call Cortex, we're gonna have to run this guy up the flagpole.
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