Another year, another 25 under-reported news stories.
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Another year, another 25 under-reported news stories. Courtesy our fine friends at Project Censored, take a gander at the articles mainstream media shied away from throughout 2000, while aiming the consolidated investigative spotlight at all that presidential bollocks, and J-Lo's breakup with Puffy.
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They're not doing a very good job of underreporting; I was aware of every single one of those stories. Maybe the problem is that there aren't enough news junkies in the world.
posted by aaron at 10:27 PM on April 4, 2001

Plus, a lot of the "news" here isn't really news but rather this particular organization's spin on the news.
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Actually, a few reasonable journalists have put the up and down in the stock markets into the way under-reported category, at least year's ups and downs. I agree. I find that almost nobody knew that the markets were crazier last March than they were this March -- the papers most certainly gave last month's problems more play than those in the Spring of 2000. Michael Kinsley wrote an excellent column about this for the Washington Post last week.
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I wasn't aware of every single one of those stories, unlike aaron, however out of the Top 10, seven of them were familiar enough to me that I could recall most salient details just by seeing the header, so they probably weren't as under-reported as the panel thinks.

I'm not so sure about a panel that has "Tom Tomorrow" as one of its members. His strip has deteriorated into a total screed over the last year or so. Clearly he has an agenda, and that undoubtedly influenced his perspective on this.
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Corporate Newspapers Have Agenda, Group Reports; Group Has Agenda, Public Sighs. Corporate Media Position Upheld.

Just remember, most people get most of their news from the 10/11 o'clock local show. That's specifically where these stories barely appeared, though they likely were given very short shrift on even the network evening broadcasts. The word isn't unreported, after all. It refers to stories that were ignored by the major media.
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Drug Companies Influence Doctors and Health Organizations to Push Meds

NO! What? The hell you say!

The gee-whiz tone of a lot of these is a bit much.
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I agree. Some of these items are what editors call "no-shit stories." Others are definately underreported, especially the environmental ones. And every year, Project Censored throws in a few conspiracy theory whackjobs that tend to undermine the importance of the real ones. My favorite from this year is the "U.S. bombed China's embassy on purpose" pieces. Oh yeah. We intended to screw up our relations with them.
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Should the big story here be "Mainstream Media Underreports These Stories/Issues" or "Mainstream Americans Don't Care Enough to Seek Out Information That Isn't Spoon Fed to Them by NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/Fox?"

I know which I'd rather read.
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Well noted, Dreama.
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