The musical equivalent of sneaking around MIT late at night, solving equations left scrawled on whiteboards
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You Don't Mess Around With Jim. And you don't mess around with the mysterious Fret Killer, performer of some of the best acoustic guitar playing to be found on YouTube. But who is he?

There are loads more great songs under the "Fret Killer" link. Happy New Year!
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Heh. It's actually "Fret Killr". Very web 2.0
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Dang. Who IS that masked man?

and.. is that guitar a Martin New Yorker?
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This guy is swell -- thanks for the post! His voice is a bit reminiscent of Leo Kottke, just a bit. "O'Brien" is especially delightful.
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The music is pretty cool, but he kinda comes off as a jerk. Anonymous and won't answer questions about music or equipment, and he doesn't take requests.

It would have taken him just as long to say what he's playing and using to record as it does to say he won't say, since it looks like he has the same set up in each video.

And what's the point of wanting to remain anonymous?

What an ass. I like him.
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He's like a hundred back porch guitar players I've been around. Nothing special. But I like him.

He will never make money doing what he does...this has been talked to death on forums everywhere....

But I wish him the best of luck in lifting the spirits of music-hungry folks everywhere...the 'Net is a bigger back porch.
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Take a gander here for Hoyt Axton's Greenback Dollar. It's delicious. And the mystery man sings.
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This guy does everything I ever wanted to do on the guitar. Makes me feel young again...

Great find. Best of the Web!
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Masked equation solver: Nah. The guy whom it'd be fun to have some beers with at a small get-together barbecue-type thing: Yah. Nice song selection, and I like his voice.
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His Auld Lang Syne was the perfect end to my evening.
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I dunno, it's decent, but very pattern-bound. The left hand has a neat dynamism to it.

Not exactly John Lee or the Rev Gary Davis though.
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He's got some passion in his playing and singing, which is more than can be said of 99% of what you hear. There's always someone better, but it's nice to hear some unadorned feeling.
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It's funny how I'll get sick of Metafilter because of the unrelenting cynicism, and then a post like this will pull me back in. Happy new year, everyone. Try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt in 2008.
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Will we see him in a Dr. Pepper commercial soon?
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waxpancake, the secret with metafilter is to completely ignore all the comments (just like one would when surfing youtube).
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I wasn't completely sold until I watched this one. That's damn good.
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and.. is that guitar a Martin New Yorker?

He plays a few different ones, at least one of which (his favorite, it seems) is a lower-end Taylor grand auditorium, like a 214. Same thing I play, incidentally, though he certainly plays it much better.
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I love his cover of Nature's Way.

By the way I just started an Eventful Demand for fretkillr!

If you want fretkillr to come to your town to perform, DEMAND IT and who knows, maybe we can all get enough people demanding in various cities for it to be worth fretkillr's while? It would make a great story, that's for sure.
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He's fantastic!!! I'm in love! It's sublime! Thank you dear teleskiving. Listening to his Jingle Bells tears popped into my eyes and I don't especially like Jingle damn Bells. I love his music. And on Daydream, linked above, he plays, sings brilliantly, whistles perfectly and plays blues harp too. Dang. The guy's a genius. And he's got sexy arms and hands too. Feeling that hormonal rush. woo hoo.

You know it's funny, when it comes to guitar posts it's as if envy and competitiveness combined with testosterone turns young male commenters into blunt naysayers. The thing with a great musician is that it's not just about technical skill, it's a combination of finesse, appeal and elegance, which I think FretKillr has.

His pages of videos is something I'm going to regularly visit. His Tabourine Man. Norwegian Wood. Here with a tantalizing view of his bearded chin. Love his voice. *sigh

I'd buy his CD for sure.

Lovely way to start off the year.
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Not bad, but let's see him do it on Expert level.
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I'm happy that people are enjoying this guy. To my ear, he is the most musical guitarist I have learned of in a long time.

nickyskye, did you see my Isaac Guillory post last summer? He's another fantastic guitarist who provoked quite a few wistful sighs from female audience members in his time. And you can see his face!
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Nice find, teleskiving.
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If you want to be able to carry these performances around with you, will convert flv files to mp3, avi, mp3, 3gp, mp4, or mov format.
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teleskiving, Thanks for the tip about Isaac Guillory. Enjoyed his music too. Don't get the rush though, too skinny, too wistful, ethereal but still superb. Sorry to hear he died young of cancer. What CD of his do you most recommend? Can respect he was more technically skilled but I like FretKillr's singing and style better, more meat there, more heft to his style. Here doing Reason To Believe. He has a fine voice.
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Harmonicakillr, too?

(fun song)
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Can respect he was more technically skilled but I like FretKillr's singing and style better, more meat there, more heft to his style.

In that case, you would probably particularly the album Solo, which has a distinctly heavier and more percussive technique than his later stuff. In terms of kind of gut-level emotional response it's my favorite as well, but the others, especially Live and Slow Down are also well worth getting, I've listened to them over and over again.

You should definitely download the whole set from the concert that provided those YouTube clips: go to and click on the "Home" button, then click on the little animated picture of Isaac that appears on the main page. There's an unbelievable version of People Get Ready at the end.
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Thanks for the Isaac Guillory reminder. I was just looking for him the other night and couldn't remember who it was.
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Thanks teleskiving for the great Isaac Guillory online listening and CD tips. Much appreciated. The music is loading right now, eager to hear the track you suggested.
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It's a pleasure to have any opportunity to talk about Isaac. His music was the reason I first picked up an acoustic guitar back in 1994. In the late nineties I had the privilege to see him perform live which was an amazing experience and a memory that I really treasure.

Also, I forgot to mention, if you click on the "Play" link from you can hear quite a few tracks from Isaac's albums - just let the .m3u load into Windows Media Player or equivalent and you should then see a list of tracks you can navigate.
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