Meet the Nazi Cowboy
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Billy Jenkins was "The Nazi Cowboy." One of the most popular German western stars of the 1930s, Jenkins (real name Erich Rudolf Otto Rosenthal) was a card-carrying member of the Nazi party. Pre-war Germany was crazy for cowboys, with Jenkins starring in pulp fiction books with titles like "Texasfieber" and "Aufruhr in Laredo" that were influenced by the works of Karl May. The only problem? Under Nazi Germany's racial laws, Jenkins was considered half-Jewish.
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Whoa. So odd.

Makes me wonder who would have won in a Nazi Cowboys vs. anti-Nazi Pirates clash.
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Did he ever make a movie where a band of CommancheJews burn his brother's homestead, kill most of his extended family and steal his niece to raise her as a young squawJewess and then he tracks them for five years through Monument Valleythe Rhineland to save her, but then over the course of his journey decides instead to kill her because she has been tainted by the savage ways of the CommancheJews?
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Download also: 13 German Cowboy Tunes [via][wfmu]Beware of the blog
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I love the stories about Hitler calling on his troops encircled near Stalingrad to take inspiration from Karl May novels. Speaking of which, you know who else thinks war is like a cowboy novel?
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Pre-war Germany was crazy for cowboys...

They still are, all things Wild Western. There was a big stink some years ago in Canada about a German guy who had joined a First Nations tribe, and the Canadian government didn't want to grant him his rights. He was named "Little Bear" or "Crazy Feather" nee Heinz Muller or some such. Once Germans get into something they go for it 110%. More cowboy than the cowboys, more Indian than the Indians.
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thanks for the German Cowboy Tunes, Fupped Duck. That Old Shatterhand and Old Surehand melodies bring back happy childhood memories.
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