Lie, bitch, flirt your way to the top of the high school (Game)
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Lie, bitch, flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder
"Coolest Girl In School has been touted as Grand Theft Auto for girls"
Interview with the Ladies who made it.
The ways of Mean Girls in a game.
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Do not want.
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This is nothing compared to that anime rape game.
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Sissyfight managed to do it first and in a much less soul crushing manner.

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Seems more like Bully for the non-console set.
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The makers Holly and Karen argue against media effects which are yet to be qualified -- doubtless, they have a point. But when there's a trend -- Gossip Girls, Mean Girls, Grand Theft Auto for Girls -- you're not looking at media anymore, you're looking at culture. And when culture perpetuates such a cut-throat learning environment, then there has to be something wrong.
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So, how up yourself are you?
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^Do not want.

Aww mom, Billy gets to learn all about drivin' and shootin' with his video game!
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By which I mean to remark that this silly game isn't going to be a training video, just as GTA isn't. And GTA indulges in fantasy way more than this game, which has existed in its purest form ever since even before they allowed girls to attend school. If I were a teenage girl, I'd actually probably say, "yeah, like I need this, high school sucks enough, thank you."

And: mommmmmmmm.... I promise I'll use the phone to make actual calls, I swear. So can I have one? What do you mean, "Get back to sewing the soles on that pile of sneakers"?

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Metafilter: slutty bitches 'and 'grossly irresponsible'
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Passed it.
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"It's Grand Theft Auto for girls"

Except GTA isn't about bitching and flirting your way to the top.

"[...]Is it that people feel they need to protect young women? Something tells me that perhaps the fear and stigma surrounding teen pregnancy may have something to do with it.

This is obviously something that is not associated with raising males.

Sure, because parents lack the need to teach their male offspring to be sexually responsible.

It's like the intent is somewhat good, but to me, it doesn't seem very much fun to play. But I'm definitely not its intended audience, as I'm mainly a console and PC gamer.

I have a tendency to be wary of games developed and marketed especially to girls, because to me, games can be enjoyed by both genders. There will always be something in a genre that appeals to a person. As a female who has been playing games since the age of three or so, back when there really weren't 'games for girls' (which someone I heard recently call "games boys would never play", because of things like marketing and social conditioning) or 'games for boys', but just 'games', I kind of miss that less compartmentalized time.
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If I were a teenage girl, I'd actually probably say, "yeah, like I need this, high school sucks enough, thank you."

Yeah, this game looks like something that will mostly appeal to the mid-twenties "I really, really hated high school and how fake it was and would like to go back and kick the asses of those girls" ladies. It doesn't seem like you can really market a game about how fake high school is to girls who are actually in high school as hey! Sadly enough, that's their actual lives! No one wants to play that game!

If you gave me a game now that was "Oh hi, you have a degree in art which qualifies you to do nothing and you will spend six months trying to find a job and flipping out because you can't afford groceries," I would kick you in the 'nads. Give me ten years, then we'll talk about how funny it is.
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Play on my cellphone? I didn't spend all that money on a video card for nothing.
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Please tell me where I can send a donation to help these poor girls get the facial reconstruction surgery they need. If there were a way to shave some of the bone from their lower jaws and put it where their cheekbones would be, they'd probably be less angry.
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And why, when people design toys and games for girls, are they always so lame? Game designers take out all of the fun stuff, and leave us with hair, makeup and cattiness.

What we need is a first-person shooter especially for women. It will be called Mission: the Mission. Karma lives on Market St. in San Francisco, but she needs to reach her knitting circle on 25th and Valencia. Armed only with a few SWEET balls of wool, a pair of sharp needles, a pair of Fiskars scissors and her housekeys, she needs to ride her fixie twelve blocks through drunken fratboys who call her a whore, catcalls, people who want to steal her bike, broken glass from a fender-bender, weird businessmen cruising around in their family's Cayenne trying to pick her up for a $15 blowjob and that one guy who she went on a date with when she first got to the city and didn't know anybody, who's now a full-blown junkie and keeps hitting her up for $5.
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Bratz:Barbie::this:Rockett's New School
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freshwater_pr0n - why not make it a game of purse-shopping? Hop (tediously) from (glamourous) location to (glamourous) location trying to figure out where the purse section of the mall/store is. Then fly around cross country trying to make up your mind which purse to purchase - all the while trying on stuff at each store when you're absolutely certain you aren't gonig to buy anything (because it's "too expensive" but your true mission is to get your bf to buy you something expensive that you're never going to wear; bonus points for if it's ugly, tacky, and/or overtly "retro."
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I'm glad Alison mentioned sissyfight so I have an excuse to tell my funny story.

A while back I was at a friend's birthday party talking to a woman I'd just met. I told her I'd worked on this game, sissyfight, where you play the part of a schoolgirl striving to humiliate and belittle your peers, and by the way, what do you do?

Turns out she was a self-esteem counselor for schoolgirls.
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I love how Wikipedia has to categorise "Rockett's New School" not just as a "visual novel", but as a non-romance visual novel.
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I'll wait for hot coffee.
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Aarrgh! Pink overload. Better the high school girls should read books.
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Let me list for you some of the video games that my female friends and relatives love best:
1. GTA 3 on PS2 (my sister in-laws love this one)
2. The Sims 2
3. Heroes of Might and Magic
4. Grim Fandago
5. World of Warcraft
6. Music games (Guitar Hero, Parapa the Rapper, DDR, etc.)

From my experience girl gamers are just like guy gamers, they like variety and quality in their games. In other words they cease to be girl/boy but become "gamers", and this is why I love the socio-cultural phenomena that is gaming.
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3 . Heroes of Might and Magic

homm is the best!
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Man, I just watched Battle Royale last night and when it comes to lie, bitch, flirt, and murder your way to the top? Nothing can beat Japanese schoolgirls. Bitch with the scythe was particularly nasty.
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Not enough ninjas.
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