Festival of the Trees
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Festival of the Trees.
posted by PenDevil at 12:26 AM on January 4, 2008

Huh, interesting! My significant other is Jewish (non-practicing, eats pork with me), but has never mentioned this one, despite the fact that I'm a big tree-planting guy. (Planted or paid to have planted 120 trees last year, aiming higher this year.) This isn't the time of year I do it though, too frickin' cold!
posted by jamstigator at 3:46 AM on January 4, 2008

I like the link, but I misread it at first as "Festival of the Homunculus" and got really excited about planning a trip to wherever it was being held next year.
posted by hermitosis at 7:03 AM on January 4, 2008

Very interesting--lovely and poignant photos.

I particularly liked the link to the professional tree faller videos. I had to have one of the pine trees in my back yard cut down because it had been killed by the pine beetle (more about that below) and was a falling/fire hazard. This old retired logger came and neatly felled THE ENTIRE TREE--not just a couple of branches--into the only open spot in my very crowded yard. He did it without touching my shed, my flowerbeds, my picnic table, the house, or the fence. Unbelievable. Those guys are very skilled.

[About the pine beetle: this link holds special sad significance for me since the area where I live is currently undergoing severe pine beetle infestation, which is killing vast swathes of the pine forest in northern British Columbia. Over 9 million hectares of pine forest are dying or have died from the beetle, and the conservative estimate is that by 2013, 80% of the province's pine forests will be dead.]
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 1:05 PM on January 4, 2008

Forest Wisdom
posted by homunculus at 12:30 PM on January 7, 2008

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