Best Freeware Games of '07
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Many freeware games were released in 2007. How to seperate the crap from the good stuff? It can be a little hard admittedly but this thread on the Tigsource forums might help you. With around 30 categories (and a winner announced for each) ranging from 'Best Shooter' to 'Best Bosses,' there's probably something there to please just about anyone.
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Outstandinger than hell!
posted by jbickers at 4:54 AM on January 4, 2008 [1 favorite]

And Hell was certainly outstanding.
posted by XMLicious at 4:59 AM on January 4, 2008 [1 favorite]

Nice. Thanks.
posted by Cyrano at 5:02 AM on January 4, 2008

Knytt Stories is really quite, um, neat.
posted by afx237vi at 6:25 AM on January 4, 2008

Wow, how astonishing that Command and Conquer's been released as freeware! I remember getting it for Christmas one year back in the 1990's. I didn't think I was old enough to feel this much nostalgia!
posted by Ted Maul at 6:40 AM on January 4, 2008

Great post!

The hilarious thing is that I spent about an hour last night digging through kotaku posts to find a link to that freeware thread. Wish I'd known what you were planning, pancreas -- it would have saved me some work!

Think I'll give this 'fraxy' a try ...
posted by EatTheWeek at 7:03 AM on January 4, 2008

Well, there goes any chance of productivity at work today.
posted by backseatpilot at 7:14 AM on January 4, 2008

Look, it's Portal: The Flash Version!
posted by muckster at 7:40 AM on January 4, 2008

I tried Fraxy about a year ago - it was great fun, but buggy, and the editor barely worked for me. But I guess that's a strength of such games - labors of love like this are never finished, and a quick poke through it shows that the majority of issues with it have been resolved.
posted by suckerpunch at 7:49 AM on January 4, 2008

Will any of these games work under linux?
posted by fuq at 8:29 AM on January 4, 2008

Will any of these games work under linux?

Surely you're far to busy patching your kernel or something to be worried about that...
posted by le morte de bea arthur at 9:08 AM on January 4, 2008 [5 favorites]

What if fuq doesn't want to be called Shirley?
posted by SentientAI at 9:24 AM on January 4, 2008

Can't wait to try some of these out at home. Thanks, pancreas!
posted by cog_nate at 11:18 AM on January 4, 2008

I check TIG Source and IndyGamer (RIP, now almost every day, but I missed this. Thanks.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 6:45 PM on January 4, 2008

Site seems to be down at the moment. Bummer.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 7:45 PM on January 4, 2008

Still down. I remember a handful of the titles I read, but I was really hoping to check out the rest. Grrr.
posted by juv3nal at 3:53 PM on January 5, 2008

Toribash is the strangest, most compelling game i've come across in ages. thanks.
posted by clockwork at 7:01 PM on January 5, 2008

no seriously. it's like starcraft, but for judo instead of space alien warfare.
posted by clockwork at 8:09 PM on January 5, 2008

Flash Portal is badass.
posted by craven_morhead at 10:01 PM on January 6, 2008

Hey it's back. Synaesthete & Battleships Forever are pretty neat. Synaesthete, as far as I can tell, doesn't penalize you (aside from docking your score) for button mashing, so it's a bit lacking in the difficulty department, but I suck at rhythm games anyways so I didn't mind.
posted by juv3nal at 2:31 PM on January 7, 2008

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