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Most Likely You Will Go Your Way A remixed version of the Bob Dylan song from Bob Dylan TV on youtube (of course)

This seemed like a cool project to me so I thought I'd pass it along to those who might enjoy.
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This was up a few weeks ago from another source, but disappeared almost instantly. Nice to see that Bobby now has his own channel for stuff like this, although it sucks that you can't embed it.

I'm waiting for the monster mashup of Ronson: Dylan, Lily Allen and Radiohead, maybe?
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Clever! But they could have toned down the backing instruments, which interfere with the purity of Dylan's voice.
posted by orthogonality at 12:08 AM on January 8, 2008

I absolutely love Mark Ronson. Great mix.
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cool stuff!
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I liked that a lot, the arrangement is punchy and fresh but not overdone: I think it's an excellent update that shows respect for Dylan's original intent while breathing some fun new life into it. These kinds of remixes are often awkward, inappropriate and ill-conceived, but to my mind this one is really pretty successful. Thanks for the post, nola.
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I have to say, I was expecting the worst, and that was really well done.
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Mark Ronson talked about the remix when he guest-djed NPR's All Songs Considered. Fun stuff! (Even if the video did gloss over the post-Christian eighties phase)
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Here is another amazing source for mashups: example.com

I particularly recommend the Lip Gloss/Tequila mashup!
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This 'remix' is an abortion wrapped in a clusterfuck, shrouded in spent Kleenex.

Sorry, just my opinion, I hate to crap in this thread, but this is Bob Dylan we're talking about here.
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this is Bob Dylan we're talking about here

No worse than what Bob himself has done. A friend of mine saw him when he was on his "ballpark" tour and I think summed it up best when she said: "Listening to Bob Dylan is sort of like listening to an opera. You have no idea what's being said, but it still sounds beautiful."
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...this is Bob Dylan we're talking about here.

I have enormous love and respect for Dylan. I think he's one of the most important and influential songwriters alive. Hell, he's probably the very best songwriter, overall, that America has yet produced. But he ain't a sacred cow. He's a guy with a guitar who sings songs. The man has spent years and years telling people he's not some sort of oracle or god, but damn, the message still hasn't gotten through to everyone, I reckon.

And considering that this remix would appear to have his blessing, it would seem that you are putting the man on some sort of taller pedestal than he places himself and his own art on, which is kind of odd, don't you think?
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I think my this is Bob Dylan we're talking about here. comment was more of an effort to excuse my borderline trollish comment, which was not meant to be trollish, but could have appeared to have been trollish, I felt, had I not thrown in this is Bob Dylan we're talking about here., in that anything to do with Bob Dylan can be expected to generate a passionate response.

But, my god, those fucking horns were terrible terrible terrible.
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Side note: 'Apple was planning to release Dylan for 68000-based Macs in mid-1995.' Another noteworthy post number goes wanting. *Sigh*
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