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Mannequin, Fake Boobs and Real Meat in a Swing. Fake hand, holding a real heart. Self-portrait, with octopus. Mannequin with real tongue. Unborn pigs on a meat background.

The photography of Allan Ludwig (a portrait of the artist, sans meat), aka Elisha Cook Jr. In addition to the meat stuff, he does a lot of interesting things with dolls, found objects and graffiti. Not this Allan Ludwig, whose art is fascinating in a very different way. (Quite possibly not safe for work or sensitive dispositions.)
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Hi, I'm Joel Peter Witkin, and I approved this photography.
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I like octopi.
So, like, fuck that guy.
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That title is a reference to an old Internet joke that I thought everybody knew. I think I may have out-geeked myself.
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I didn't get the meat reference.
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That title is a reference to...

My answer was in reference to your apparently calling me, as my handle here is "Meatbomb" (but you can call me Meat). So, now that our jokes have both been explained into the ground, let's get on to, umm... HEY! LOOK AT THAT SHINY NEW THING!!
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This is a clever idea, but poorly executed. It's unfortunate, since there are definitely some striking images possible with the juxtaposition of internal organs and mannequins.
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I thought the execution was flawless. I guess I'm biased though, since I'm not a photographer.
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Looking back at the images, they aren't that bad; I was just disappointed by them. The actual photograph of a mannequin's hand holding a pig's heart just doesn't live up to the promise of the title.

That is, I was imagining a bone-white artificial hand squeezing the life out of a heart so fresh it's still bleeding. I got a beige hand passively supporting a hunk of roast beef.
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his work seems a litte... labored? the street graffitti shots work better.
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"little", dammit. sorry, long day.
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