Everybody here go BANG!
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Gun for the whole family. A Scanning Around With Gene article about historic gun ads. More fun with Gene Gable: Cigarettes, diving, winter fonts, red white and blue, and so much more.
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Lots of good stuff here.
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Wow, I've seen lots of collections of cigarette ads, but scuba vogue? Awesome.
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Cigarette ad that is scuba vogue! Two points! This guy is great, btw.
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Whole family hunting. All that is missing is a Ted Nugent book cover. Thanks for the nostalgia, sad to see Winchester closing.
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That one guy with the bolt-action rifle and pipe in his teeth....I assure you, pipe smoking and firing long arms does not mix. It'd be way too hard to aim.
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Reminds me, I need to cop one of those 94's before they are all snapped up.

The cops have them, the military has them, the right wing has a WHOLE LOT of them...how you doin'?
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As a liberal gun owner this makes me a bit sad... First, I think people have a right to self-defense.

Second, people have a right to defend themselves against an unjust government. The United States wouldn't exist if our founding fathers didn't take up arms. (Please note: I'm not saying that the government is that way right now, but who can say where it will be in five, ten, or fifty years.)

Third, people get into shooting guns for all sorts of reasons. I was mildly anti-gun until I inherited some WWII guns from my grandfather, who served in Europe. I just wasn't exposed to them and had some odd ideas about why people get into guns. As I started shooting more and learning about the field I grew to appreciate why people get into guns.

The part which saddens me the most is the article seems to put down manliness, like it's a bad thing to be a man, to be "manly". Manliness has a lot of good aspects, like competence, fatherhood, and using strength to defend the weak. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it does bother me that a lot of people think that you can't be a liberal and be "just a regular guy".
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(Dude, look at my profile. But the ads are pretty cartoonish in their construction of masculinity.)
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I used to have a Winchester lever action .44 magnum. I loved that gun, but it just wasn't all that practical so I traded it in for something a bit more everyday-at-the-range friendly. I've regretted that decision since the day I made it.

As to the links, there is something about this picture that makes me think that the guy is gravely wounded, nearly out of ammo, and holding off a something sinister just out of the frame of the image.
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I have a signed copy of the Reagan Chesterfield cigarette Christmas ad, on which he wrote: Dear XXX, the cigarette was painted in-- I don't smoke! Love Ronnie
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Hooray for the Shriekback reference!
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Haha. I was worried no one got it!
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