it's caturday again
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My crazy cat loves water l Scuba cat l CitiKitti and Sushi, toilet trained cats l phew! One life down, eight to go, bottle cat
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bottle cat

Bonsai Kitten is a hoax, people!
posted by carsonb at 11:53 AM on January 12, 2008

Awesome job! The Life Aquatic with Hawkeye the Scuba Cat is the best cat video I've seen on YT since the talking cats.
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I used the CitiKitti to try to train my cats. However, they don't mention the joys of discovering your cats first attempts on the only toilet in your one bathroom apartment at 4 in the morning when you have to go also. I will give it another shot when I find the oh so desirable 1.5 Bath apartment.
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I tried something similar to CitiKitti, but my cat kept doing it on the edge, and I wasn't looking forward to cleaning my toilet that much, so I let him go back to his old arrangement.
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Bottle cat: poor little kitty.
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That first link is THE CUTEST CAT EVER ZOMG!!!!!!!11!!11

I'm biased, though. I have two black cats. Neither are potty trained, because I'll be damned if I sit on a toilet my cats have stepped all over.
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While toilet-training your cat might be neat, you might want to think carefully about teaching him/her to flush the toilet.
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One night I came home from an evening of bar hopping and pissed in my cat’s litter box, which was right next to the toilet, just to play a joke on him. The next morning I found a cat turd floating in the toilet.

Jazz great Charlie Mingus was probably the first lunatic to write seriously about toilet training a cat.
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...the best cat video I've seen on YT since the talking cats.

Talking Cats Translation.*
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I think the dog enjoys scuba diving way more than the cat does. I'd say there's probably a good market for animal-diving-apparatus, but I'm afraid it would lead to a lot of drowned pets, so probably better that it's not widespread.
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That first cat clip was so obviously bad CGI.
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Sink cats
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Stuff on my cat
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splashy splashy splashy
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While we're at it, bottle cat.
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Oh, I get it. The cats in water are washing up after having used the toilet...
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CGI? Really???
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How is that first clip CGI? Looks like a cat in a bathtub full of water to me.

Excellent caturday post!
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aww suckerpunch I totally loved that splishy splashy one and hortense, sink cats is adorable, srsly. Some days I need a cute fix. Computer-Generated Imagery? Dang, that's just a kitten in a tub of water. I was a little confused at first with the reddish paw though, thought the kitten caught a goldfish in the bathtub and I was all wtf. But the kitten just has a patch of color on its paw.
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Ooh, I love Caturday! Link mini-dump!

Caturday Knockoff: Drama Cat

Caturday Classic: How to break up a Catfight

Caturday Heartbreak with Happy Ending: "Cripple Kitty" saved from the Malaysian streets.
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Flushing kitty:
There's somethin' happenin' here.
What it is ain't exactly clear.
Stop children kitty
what's that sound
everybody look what's goin' down.

Actually, Toots (the best cat ever) learned this. It took me awhile before I realized I wasn't hearing my neighbor flushing, but my cat. She loved watching the water go down. Slowly running faucets tickled her, too.
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Caturday in the park, I think it was the forth of July!
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Locative, I've seen that break up a cat fight one and it still, after, what is it at least a year, makes me cry with laughter. What amazingly kind people to take in that crippled cat, it's living with them now. They've posted YouTube updates. The cat is healthy, still with its back legs paralyzed, wears a diaper.

Goofyy, enjoyed your silly rendition of that wonderful song. I love it when cats enjoy playing with water.
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