Online directory of historical and literary diarists
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Diary Junction. "An internet resource for those interested in historical and literary diaries and diarists." Information pages on over five hundred diarists are included.
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Cool! Thanks!
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This is fun to dig around in.

Lee Harvey Oswald is here with his profession listd as n/a, oddly: "Sun Oct. 18. My 20th birthday, we visit exhibit in the morning and in the afternoon The Lenin-Stalin tomb. She gives me a present, book "Idiot" by Dostoevsky."

Brian Eno "Poorer musicians are so pleased to find just one thing that they can successfully play that they often contribute more to the architechture of the piece - because other people can then build on what they're holding in place."

Charlotte Bury "At five o’clock I was at Connaught House; found Lady Anne dressed out like a mad Chinese."
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