What was that movie.......
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The Dream of the Giant Turtle....... The Bermuda Depths! Remember that "made for tv" movie from the seventies with the gigantic turtle, and the girl with the weird glowing eyes, and the creepy song, and...and then there was.... Carl Weathers, and Burl Ives???

Well, lots of other people do too.

There's even an online petition (snicker) to "force" Anchor Bay Entertainment to release the film on DVD.

Until then, I suppose Youtube will do.
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excellent. I don't have the patience for the youtube sludgy download, but both my wife and I have been scarred, scarred, I tell you. Rankin-Bass! Connie Selleca!
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How dare you mock the good name of ... !

Oh, wait. I thought you were picking on Gamera. Go right ahead.

(Returns to search for decent torr... I mean, "friends" who can "lend" me a some Gamera movies.)
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OMG, I thought I was the only one that had seen this movie. It was like I had dreamed it or something, because no one, I mean no one, I knew remembered it. Thanks!
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Ellipsis abuse and unnecessary quotation marks. Now I am "psychologically" prepared... for the film!
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Wow, I can't believe Carl Weathers was in this! Between takes, I'll bet he'd go to Craft Service, get some raw veggies, bacon, Cup-A-Soup... and, uh, well, get a stew going!
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I am so psyched to see this movie now. Just when I thought I'd seen all the best cheesy 70s sci-fi fantasy weirdness there was to see!
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Thanks for the links. Gotta track this down and add it to my collection of first-rate vhs features to be watched over drunken breakfasts. Carl Weathers, rad.
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Thanks, i thought i was alone too. Definitely made an impression on my 10-year old self. I've thought about it often over the years, but i never would have come up with the title on my own.
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I obsessed about this movie for years too. Last year I finally tracked down a VHS version of it on eBay, and watched it when it came in. It was bizarre how certain scenes really lit up my memory banks, but most of it was horribly hard to watch. I wonder what it is about this particular movie that makes it stick so deep in people's minds, and to stay for so long? (Yeah, it's weird and the production value was... unique to say the least, but was it exceptoinally so?)
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The movie might be bad, but I'm another child who was haunted by its images for years.
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Wow, I just watched the whole thing, and it's weird how I had more or less completely forgotten everything about it-- weird girl, eaten father, "the horror" or whatever their harpoon device was-- except the turtle egg, the general existence of the giant turtle, and the last shot of the initials on the shell. I think when I saw it I was too young to follow or notice the plot much. But the giant turtle was clearly too cool to forget.
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I missed this one! I'd never even heard it mentioned until now. (The rock I live under is eroding due to Metafiltic warming.)

Someone who wrote part of the Wikipedia entry says of it:
    "This movie was initially shown as an ABC "Movie of the Week", a few years before the cable and video rentals era. Thus, it was a one-shot type of situation as far as being seen - and a whole generation of young children watched this film and remembered it from that one showing ... It seems to have affected a mass of young children, people who were aged 7-14 in 1978 in some kind of hypnotic, "mass dream" way. So many people recall their surreal and dream-like memory of the movie. It has been suggested that this was the effect of the Vivaldi score, or the ocean scenes, or the haunting subject matter of the film.
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OMG! I thought I imagined this movie.
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