Gamers' Cribs! But less exciting.
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Pictures of offices and desks of video game designers, journalists and celebrities. Includes Dan Hsu, the guys from Penny Arcade, the guy who made Ultima Online and Boing Boing?
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I could see this as a growing collection. How your office look can reflect the culture of your work. I'd like to see an EA office versus one from the guys at Nintendo.
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Damn, I've got a better view of Montreal than the guy at EA, but I'd trade that view for his drum pads.
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I think my parents have the same TV as Mike Krahulik/Gabe.
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Man, someone needs to tell Sid Meier about virtualization.
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These creative types have such messy desks. *pulls hair out*
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I'm surprised by the lack of dual monitors.
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I believe a new term should be coined: work desk envy. Theres irony in there somewhere.
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If you look really closely you can see that the only identifiable game Sid Meier has near to his desk is Alpha Centauri. (It's on the shelf behind the desk.) It really is a masterpiece of a game. Glad he seems to agree.

Peter Molyneux, on the other hand, seems to have cardboard display pieces of his latest games attached to his monitors. I guess in his case they're probably masturbatory aids.


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I've always been oddly fascinated by look at people's workspaces. Oh, and since I'm sure everyone is curious: This is where the genius burns.
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What I usually find fascinating about this sort of thing is how rarely a given person's working space matches expectations based on their work. In this case, I have no idea who most of the people featured are, and it's still fascinating...

Not dissimilar: Writers Rooms at the Guardian, and Rodcorp's long-runnning How We Work series.
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Over all I'm surprised how pedestrian most of their desks and systems look. Not many fancy wide screen displays or much like that.

I dig the the design nerds who have their work spaces on display here.
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There used to be better photos up on an old news story over at PA that compared Jerry and Mike's workspaces (I think with the messiness of Jerry's desk somewhat exaggerated for effect). But alas, it seems they took the photos down.
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Two-screen setups always look weird to me; it seems the user is staring into the divide between the two units, which can't be good ergonomically.
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Nitpick: Richard Garriott made Ultima, less so UO.
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