Nursery School Set Goes Gaga for Gogo
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Jack Mulqueen presents Kiddie a-Go-Go. Check out the intro brought to you by Mickelberry's Plump & Juicy Franks and their fine variety of cold cuts. Hostess Pandora (played by Jack Mulqueen's wife Elaine) introduces the Stop and Go-Go dance, followed by a live performance from the New Colony Six in full Revolutionary War costumes. Unlike the Buddy Deane Show (which inspired the movie Hairspray), this later clip indicates that Kiddie A-Go-Go had racially integrated without incident. Other happenings inspired by the Kiddie A-Go-Go include a children's album, the public access TV show Chic-A-Go-Go, and San Francisco's Pip Squeak A-Go-Go (featuring go-go dance lessons from the Devil-Ettes).
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Like the similar Pancake Mountain, I have a feeling that the hipster parents enjoy this possibly more than the kids. Hell, if bands that I like appear on kids' shows, I'd be more inclined to plop Junior down next to me in front of the tv.
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Wow, great post! I've been a fan of Chic-A-Go-Go for quite a while now, of course YouTube has plenty of great clips. Lil' Ratso meets Dead Moon, Lil' Ratso meets Will Oldham, Pere Ubu, Cibo Matto, Sonic Youth, the Residents, and on and on.
Ghoul A Go-Go from New York has had Hasil Adkins, and the 5,6,7,8's play for the kids along with many others.
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Great post. I came across Kiddie-A-Go-Go a few years back on a VHS tape of old TV bits called "Smorgasbord of Fun" and the background info here is tops. Long live the New Colony Six.
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This is a great post. Thanks for digging this up and thanks to pinky and Sailormom for the additions. At first, I was a little scared to see Hasil on a children's show, but after he stuffed them full of hot dogs, it was great!
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Nifty! As a long-time fan of Chic-a-go-go, I'd heard about Kiddie a-Go-Go but never got a chance to see it.

Here's my Chic-a-go-go post from a while ago. When I put it together I was disappointed that the amazing performance by guest artist Monotrona wasn't online. This post motivated me to upload it to YouTube myself. Keep your eyes on the girl in the pink.
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