Remember Dart Pigeon?
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Remember Dart Pigeon? Check out this guy's beef on music funding. Please note the authors of both pages. Coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
posted by Dane (7 comments total)
oooookay. so their last names are both herzog. and then what?
posted by lia at 2:49 AM on April 6, 2001

they're both ... not terrifically intelligent? i like the comparison, personally. the "screw music, more people like sports" viewpoint is a little dart-pigeonesque, in my opinion.
posted by pikachulolita at 3:30 AM on April 6, 2001

Mike "Just My Opinion" Herzog has absolutely nothing on his possible-relation Jesse. There's nothing in his essay as remotely funny as "this monkey could probably bust hella shit up with that sword." Plus, can you imagine Jesse getting all, like, gung-ho about intramural sports? No, the Dart Pigeon philosophy demands devotion to art and the personal vision and, like, cool animals with guns.
posted by BT at 6:15 AM on April 6, 2001

Mike "Just My Opinion" Herzog has absolutely nothing on his possible-relation Jesse.

Ahh, but Jesse is an opinion writer as well, and is well versed in the argumentative school. His letters are buried in there somewhere.

But yes, I do agree that the Way of the Dart Pigeon demands rigorous training and dedication, whereas the Just My Opinion philosophy only requires that one not think when putting pen to paper.
posted by Dane at 6:49 AM on April 6, 2001

Heh. This piece reads like an Onion editorial. I tellya that UMD Statesmen is one helluva newspaper. Everything I've read in it is hilariously stupid. Except the humor section, which is merely stupid.
posted by ratbastard at 7:23 AM on April 6, 2001

Dane, thanks for doing the appropriate research on J Herzog's editorial career. Interestingly, the two letters cover ground similar to "Screw Music, Play Sports" -- although I guess the letter on women's sports is properly understood as a foray into something like irony: a minimalist and almost nihilist approach to humor, like that of a "gun dog" or "skydiving cheetah."
posted by BT at 8:30 AM on April 6, 2001

Screw Dart Pigeon...that Flying Snake scared the hell out of me.
posted by davidmsc at 3:22 AM on April 7, 2001

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