Motorized cordless twin rubber band minigun, capable of firing 40 bands per second.
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Rubber band warfare just got deadlier. (Single YouTube link to rubber band gun AWESOMENESS.)
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Next up: The Wedgie Bomb.
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To be followed by the Smart Water Balloon and the Improvised Spitball Device.
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While the guy might not have as much Dr Who fashion chic, the Lego Gatling Gun is cooler.
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Awesome gun, awful soundtrack.
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no, that gun is NOT awesome. It looks like it takes a LONG time to fully load up. and while it's fantastically cool for the 45 seconds where it's showering elastics at a crazy rate, you will use it three times before you can't be bothered to gather up the elastics and spend 20 minutes reloading it.
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I like that it takes an incredibly long time to load the gun. It means that if someone shoots you, you probably did something kind of awful to make them want to shoot you.
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that guy should probably put on a watch list of some sort.
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From: Evil Overload
To: Staff
Subject: Armor

After seeing in recent internet "youtubes" I have witnessed the structural weakness of used floppy diskettes for armor. Especially against electrically powered rubber band miniguns.

Please discontinue AOL Floppy Armor Project 2, and focus all of your efforts on NetZero Optical Media Defenses.

Also, don't forget next weeks lunch seminars on Flame Thrower Safety, there will be cake.

Your Benevolent Dictator,

P.S. Does anyone know how to get Comic Sans in Outlook?
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You're not supposed to reprint MetaMail.
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I'm on the fence until he builds the Disintegrator auto loader. Then, we'll see.
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No word yet on when they get DARPA contracts.
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Call me when it fires frickin lasers and you can mount it on a shark's head.
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That may very well be the worst song I've ever heard.
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On single shot that with a traditional cylinder ratchet that would be unstoppable.
They need a shot selector.
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How inelegant. Behold the pneumatic PVC sniper rifle. This is why gun control will never work.
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...before you can't be bothered to gather up the elastics and spend 20 minutes reloading it.

It would probably go faster if you were to use rubber bands as per the instructions.

Yes, I know...
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Any day now, those Brits will be launching their ships to come across the Atlantic to take back their wayward colonies. They will laugh as they hoist their massive rubber band guns to their bony, pale shoulders, their teeth flashing crooked and off-white. Resplendent in their red uniforms, the Limey Rubbernecks will march in formation down Main Street, cowing the people with their motorized might. They mayor will approach, his hat in one hand, the keys to the city in another.

But then, just as a hush falls over the crowd as it strains to hear the American capitulation, a loud 'PHWOK' will echo over the crowd. Down goes the British General! His staff stand still, shocked and surprised, their eyes almost as white as the lone Ping Pong ball that rolls off the general's corpse before bouncing and clacking down the steps to the stage.

They only have a moment to exchange bewildered stares before the Patriots rise up from their hiding places. Suddenly every window and ever rooftop is filled with the grim visage of a proud American and their trusty Ping Pong Ball Gun. They open fire.

At this point, it's mass confusion. The air is thick with rubber and pong. The invaders turn to flee back to their waiting armada, but as they near the docks they encounter a phalanx of troops in Prussian blue - mercenaries hired by the Americans. The Hessians are as fearsome as their reputation, each a mobile god of destruction with a leafblower and a large hopper of ping pong balls.

There are few survivors.

And from his ship out in the harbor, the British statesman behind the planned invasion, the inventor of the Disintegrator Itself, stands in shock. All his dreams of being named the new Colonial Governor are forgotten now as he murmurs a final prayer. Then, tears in his eyes, he draws a rubber band from his pocket and wraps it around his hand, from hooked pinky to index finger. "God Save the Queen," he says to his aide.

The dull THWAP of rubber hitting temple precludes any reply.
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That may very well be the worst song I've ever heard.

Aw, man. Can't you tell how he's communicating his deep lamentation for unleashing such a destructive force on the world? He's only does it for our own good, with a heavy heart and a mind to duty and honor. He's expressing his world-weariness of strife and warfare and...

...aaaaaand I wouldn't have enough bullshit for this even if I lived in Iowa. That "music" makes me want to kick puppies, eat broken glass and ressurect my grandma just so I can shoot her dead.

*shakes fist at grunge for creating post-grunge*
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Next target: Johnny Knoxville's nutsack.
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Metfilter: thick with rubber and pong
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More like rubber BANNED amiritelol?
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I like the women that show up occasionally in the background. I presume they are girlfriends of the inventors, since they are (a) looking on tolerantly, (b) still, in another shot, looking on tolerantly, and (c) in a third shot, remaining in the room, still looking on tolerantly.

Judging by the crossed arms, giant phallic rubberband gun does not translate to more sex.
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Well, I think you could easily reload the item in under 3 minutes (there seem to be 48 rubber bands and it takes him less than three seconds to load one rubber band).

But yes, the joy is in the making, and perhaps in the selling-on-ebay. Sorta pointless if you ask me.
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Actually, it supports a total load-count of 288 bands (rubber OR elasticated).
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288 bands! Hmm. I think you could load one every two seconds without really breaking into a sweat, so that's about 10 minutes to load.
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But yes, the only way to make this cooler would be if you could load rubber bands onto an arbitrarily long disintegrating link belt, then load the belt into the gun, and have each barrel be loaded with rubber bands as it passes the bottom of the gun, and firing as it passes the top. You could wrap yourself in ammo belts and fire for as long as you wanted.
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The only thing it needs is an attachment which forms and fires giant rubber band balls as a sort of grenade.
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They need to make a quad cannon- two barrels above and two below. Now that would be a sight to behold.

My grandfather, who lived in Florida and quite admired the local birds, had an absolutely epic, years-long battle with the squirrels who continually plundered his bird feeders. This man spent hundreds of dollars on "squirrel-proof" bird feeders, only to discover that the devious and insidious vermin could eventually circumvent any of the products' built-in squirrel protections.

I tried to convince him to get an Airsoft rifle, but he didn't think the neighbors would have appreciated him opening fire on the sides of their houses. If only I'd known about this back then...this sucker would make mincemeat out of those critters without putting holes in neither beast nor vinyl siding. This guy should go in business and re-market the thing as the Squirrel Disintegrator.
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