Going Over Niagara Falls
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Vinyl Cafe: The Story of Roger Woodward. Stuart McLean tells the story of the last person to go over Niagara Falls - with only a lifejacket - and live to tell the story. (go to the 28:00 mark in the audio to get the story)

The first 28 minutes are fine too, but I think Roger's story is the best.
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I just listened to this the other day. What an incredible story. The best part is the end, where Stuart talks to Roger about his experience and the story.
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But what about that dude just a couple of years ago who went over without a lifejacket, and lived? Apparently he studied the water flow, theorized that there was a spot where you would survive the plunge, and then put it to the test. Or he was drunk, or was trying to kill himself or something; either way he survived.
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And there was this guy, who walked to the edge of the falls, intending to commit suicide, then changed his mind and had to be rescued.
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I heard that one on the radio. Awesome story, and awesome telling. I was not always fond of Stuart, but he has grown on me some. Still a little saccharine somedays, and I still don't care for his accent (it grates on me a little), but sometimes you can't stop listening, and that says a lot.
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I love Stuart's story. I am soooo glad he has started podcasting because I often have to be at work when CBC is streaming the Vynal Cafe. I imagine copyright infringement on the songs was holding him back from podcasting before.

Is today Niagara Falls day around here and no one told me?
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I really really hate Stuart McLean but! that Niagara falls episode (which I heard on the radio the other day) was an exception. A great story, well told, with fewer affectations than usual for the gormless Stuart. The sad kid on the wrong number was good too.
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