The Fallout 2 Restoration Project
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"The purpose of this mod is to add back into the game all the content that was originally planned by the Fallout 2 devs." Over the last 2 years an industrious chap has "gone through almost all the text files and scripts and compiled a list of what appears to have been pulled from the game," in order to restore it to it's originally intended glory and now his work is complete. Enjoy.

Direct download here. Previous discussion of the Fallout series. Also, an informative interview regarding the upcoming sequel, Fallout 3.
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Only took 10 years.
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Similar efforts exist for Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines (which is, IMO, one of the best games ever, being basically like a Vampire version of Deus Ex and seriously I can gush about this game for hours) and for the infamously rushed-out Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (website appears to be down).
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That's kind of unbelievable that I never posted in the earlier thread. I've finished fallout 2 more times than I care to admit.
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I just started replaying it. Fantastic timing. Now someone just needs to make Kingdom o' Magic II.
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Now, I just want the mac patch to exist :)

/me looks longingly at his Fallout 2 image file.
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Is it stable? Has anyone played through to the end to make sure it won't bug out?
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I'm pretty excited about this, but I'm not sure exactly how much content he added. Ah, who cares? Like juv3nal, I've played the Fallout games more times than I care to admit. I'll have to give this a whirl.
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I just recently replayed Fallout, and was planning on starting in on the sequel soon. Sounds like there may still be some bugs in this, but I might have to give it a shot.
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Is this download the full game, or just a patch/mod to be applied to an already installed-version of Fallout 2?
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COBRA!: It's just a patch.
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this is so badass. bully for this dude.
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Projects like this amaze me. First, someone's so dedicated to a game that he'd do it. Second, that he sticks with it for two years to release something other people can play. Third, that the game engine is flexible enough to allow this kind of manipulation and yet is transparent enough that third parties can figure it out. It's really impressive.

I sure hope the KotOR 2 restoration project succeeds. It's been 2.5 years, but they're still making so progress. That game was so great, up until the parts which were brutally cut out of it to meet the absurdly rushed schedule. My impression was that the final fights were supposed to vary wildly depending on the choices you made; I can't imagine it'd be easy to add that back in. But at least they can restore some of the lost content.
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This is awesome... now I get to play the director's cut!!!!!

I think user-created content mods are going to be huge going forward... using released games as a framework for players to tell new stories and create new plots with mods and such...

Thanks for posting this
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It may be time to dig out the old CD!

I always loved using pick pocket to plant Plastic explosives on people and then...sauntering away to watch them blow up.
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oh man oh man oh man oh man new fallout stuff AIEEEEEEE *collapses*
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What a good excuse.
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vaguely related: a policenauts translation is almost completed. its an rpg by hideo kojima ( metal gear solid ) that was only released in japan originally. it has also taken 10+ years to come around
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also supposedly one of the best rpg's ever, so i hear...
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