man vs bunny
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Kung fu bunny 2 - a cute clip from a 25-year old Chinese animator.

Kung fu bunny 1 is cute too. For those who read Chinese, Vincent7645 has a blog and what seems to be a Chinese YouTube page.
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Good use of music, but the animation seems to lack energy. His stop-motioned self has plenty, though, so I don't know why he doesn't draw the bunny as more alive and fluid.
posted by DU at 6:40 AM on January 17, 2008

I liked the animation. Running on the globe under the rapid-fire stapler assault was cool, and of course the underwater straw fart.
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This was pretty damn cool. It's a little Duck Amuck (with the tables turned), a little Bugs 2.0 for a new century. Not a bad start at all.

Oh, and it has now been revealed that bunny farts are one of the world's deadliest weapons. I appreciate the warning.
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maudlin, I can't believe you didn't already know that about bunny farts. For helpful future reference: The Official Guide to Rodent Farts.
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a little Bugs 2.0 for a new century

I don't know, I'm not sure we need a Bugs 2.0.
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I loved it!
Or, rather: that cartoom brought me more joyes!

I'll be showing this in my animation class, which starts this very day. Thanks for the link!
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Look, if he's just going to make cartoons about everything that happened to me last week I'm going to need some royalties or something.
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I like those a lot. The 4th wall element is maybe a little overdone these days, but the character's really well-defined.
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A bit subtlety that non-Chinese speakers would miss: when the guy fished up a monkey holding the moon, it's a reference to the Chinese idiom, 海底捞月, since the book is a dictionary of classic Chinese idioms.
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I liked kung fu baby better.
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Kung fu FUNNY! (thanks)

I was about to comment on the ^ kung fu baby, too. Yi-yi-yi, that's freaky.

Kung fu
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