Death in the Afternoon
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Jallikattu, [Stunning Photographs | Jallikattu YouTube] an Indian version of the Running of the Bulls, takes place in the State of Tamil Nadu, during the Pongal festival each year. This year, the Supreme Court directed the State Government to put a halt to the practice, in vain, and the bulls were forced to participate as usual (with 129 people being gored, and many more injured).

The guys in this shot are wearing shirts from IKEA… w.t.f.?

Also, here’s a YouTube of Water Buffalo Racing called “Kambala” from Karnataka.
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And now I know why my Tamil DBA took January off to go home instead of December. Thanks hadjiboy!
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Ikea sponsors the event as most of their products are made from dust, glue and bull dung.
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Those photographs are amazing, great post.
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Where is the gore/goring/gorn tag?
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But I assume in Tamil Nadu, the bulls are not killed in bullfights later that night?
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Re IKEA: Where do you think most of the clothes that you donate to charity end up?
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Those shirts are probably cheap reproductions. You can get clothes with Nike, Reebok and other logos for a few tens of rupees in many places in India. Does Ikea usually manufacture shirts?
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Just wondering, are broads not dumb enough to join in:)

Amazing post, thanks (though diabolical music on the youtube!).
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I love how even fucking around with bulls is so bright and colorful in India.
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Great post hadjiboy! I didn't know about these at all. Thank you.
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Re IKEA: Little known fact, Tamil Nadu is the dowel and allen key capital of Asia.

Seriously though, great post.
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India never ceases to turn up yet more surprises.

I was actually in Tamil Nadu during the Pongal festival once, but saw none of this. Mostly, the festival seemed to involve painting all the cows in bright fluorescent colours, draping flower garlands around their necks, and feeding them immense buckets of slops made from rice & sugar.

Oh, and there was some kind of dance performance in which a guy dressed as Hanuman, the monkey god, had his hands tied behind his back, yet he managed to get the tops off two Coke bottles using his teeth, then upended them in his mouth, and drained the contents of both bottles in one go. I'm guessing it must have been an incident from the Ramayana that I've never heard of, but I wonder how anybody managed to capture Sri Hanuman?

Also, can I assume that it's auspicious to be gored by one of these bulls?
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The 'police' on the left & right here are obviously impostors. They are having very fine moustaches, but their personalities are not imposing.
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Wow - that photographer is something else. I'd encourage people to spend a few months browsing all his galleries. I know that's what I'll be doing.

*sigh* - this reminds me so much of temples in Tamil Nadu. I'm thinking Chidambaram & Kumbakonam in particular. I can just smell the incense & butter lamps.
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On youtube it looks more like the bull is trying to get away than to hurt anybody. As all crowd hysteria, the event looks pretty disgusting.
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Sepia Mutiny on Jallikattu.
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