Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
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Gosh, I really like this. And that it came out of the Balkans--itself a museum of broken relationships.
posted by subatomiczoo at 8:21 AM on January 18, 2008

I would go if the museum had loads of self-mutilation. Someones unused wedding-dress?

Now a front-door totally smeared with the scorned lovers blood, that bucket of vomit, the mugshot of someones smashed face. That I would like to see. I would say something like "LOL emo-suxors", feel better about myself and then maybe go home and cry a bit.
posted by uandt at 8:35 AM on January 18, 2008

I like the poor guy who just got on his bicycle and rode because he had to get away.
posted by misha at 6:13 PM on January 18, 2008

this is the thread where all y'allz latent issues are going to seep through to the surface isn't it. i can't wait
posted by Firas at 7:13 AM on January 19, 2008

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