Prairie photos by Larry Schwarm
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Larry Schwarm is best known for his photographs of prairie fires and landscapes in the Flint Hills of Kansas. On May 5, 2007, he visited his hometown of Greensburg, Kansas to take photos of what was left after an F-5 tornado leveled the town the day before.

There's some browser resizing, just so you know... or at least there is for me.
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Jesus fuck.
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(That was in reaction to the first photo in the series.)
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The photos are great--but is there any way to keep it from resizing my window, as sleepy pete noted? Wrestling with my browser is interfering with my peaceful contemplation of these powerful images, and I do prefer peaceful contemplation.
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Admiral, disable javascript.
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Ahh, peaceful contemplation is in my grasp! Thanks topynate!
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Amazing photos. Thanks.
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What's the update on Greensburg? Did they start to rebuild as promised or is it an ex-town? I guess I can go try to find out...
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Just from a quick search of the county newspaper, maxwelton, it looks like it's moving slowly, but surely. I don't have family in that part of the state and I haven't been there since it happened, so I'm not quite sure.
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Damnit, can't these photographers use flickr or something with an interface that's remotely usable and not as infuriating?
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Such power and odd beauty. The composition, color and balance in these shots of utter chaos is remarkable, but jesus man, for someone that spends his life in the visual space, he should get (or find someone with) some damn web design skills.
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For those who enjoyed this, do check out the book shown in the first link, On Fire. It's fantastic.
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