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"From somewhere around 110,000 trillion trillion years ago" So, let us say you hack the Scientology site and steal all their documents. Then post them on the web. I'm SURE this won't lead to a legal action.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: context-free dump of scientology text isn't that interesting of a link. maybe with some background it could work though. Or just post it in the thread about Tom Cruise that's still open -- mathowie

Sorry for the lack of cool backup links and so forth, I just wanted to get it posted before they receive their "cease and desist" order.
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ha-HA! /nelson
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Lattiboy, what are your crimes?
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AD, after Dianetics. Used on issues such as HCOBs and HCOPLs (Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins and Policy Letters) to show the year. It is based on the Christian calendar, but with a base year of 1950 with the release of Hubbard's book "Dianetics"; thus AD 15 = anno Domini 1965.

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Well, the prose posted on that site is definitely after the fashion of LRH's specious free-associative claptrap, but are there any more details available about the alleged "hack?" I find it hard to believe that the Scientologists would be dumb enough to put precious secret previously-undisclosed OT materials in a Web-accessible spot.

Actually - as someone who was active on alt.religion.scientology back in the '90s - no, I don't find it hard to believe at all.
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