Excuse me, were you going to art that?
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Superuse: Reusing can be beautiful, unusual, functional, and even illustrative of our culture of excess. (all links lead to the same site).
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Verrrry cool.
Toilet-as-water-fountain may take me a while to embrace, but other ideas (ex-airplane as mobile home! Coool!) are clever!
Puts the bon in carbon footprint.
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thanks a lot! sort of... my recycle prone wife will now never let me throw anything away or purchase anything new....

nice link... :)
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It's somehow ironic that the comment system there has been taken over by spammers. Hey, that's another way to use something in a way that wasn't intended by the designer!
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Maybe I'm totally misjudging this, but I'm made uncomfortable by the "culture" link's buy-in to "landfill as recycling." Something makes me shiver at the thought of someone mistaking the act of the wholesale dumping of garbage into the ocean for a recycling program. There are legitimate municipal uses for plastics (resurfacing roads, mayhap?) but dumping plastic milk cartons into the ocean and claiming a small PR victory just strikes me as disingenuous.

Also, this is what it looked like before the landfill operation.
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Those are big, honking waffles! Pass the syrup!
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Toilet-as-water-fountain may take me a while to embrace

I think that's supposed to be a sink, not a fountain, and you wash your hands with the nice fresh water that then fills the tank to flush the toilet.

Maybe there's a problem with soap and toothpaste gunking up the tank? Or putting warm water into the toilet -- who wants to wash their hands with cold water, but is there something weird or wrong about flushing a toilet with warm, soapy water? I don't know. But it might encourage people to wash their hands -- if you don't use the sink, you can't flush the toilet?
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Still, on the plus side, were you to get drunk and piss in the sink, it really wouldn't matter.
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Reverse grafitti is brilliant.
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Great site, thanks.
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