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All About Halifax. A short video from Canadian sketch comedy group Picnicface. See also: Beard No Beard, Panda PSA, Mother's Day, I'm Your Brother. Some violence, NSFW language.
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i lived in Dartnouth as a kid, and visited Halifax a few years ago..... meh..
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and it made such an impression, i don't even know how to spell the f*cker.
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I showed this to everyone who lived on my floor when I first saw it, and now I'm going to have to do it again.

Thanks a lot.
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Halifax = violence, NSFW... wait, what?
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Oh... That Halifax. I get caught out every friggin' time.

Well, here's another dodgy youtube video about the PROPER HALIFAX.

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Hilarious. Thanks for posting this.
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The name of the troupe is so dumb, so awfully lazy and dumb, that I am not going to watch anything they produce.
posted by Mayor Curley at 7:14 AM on January 20, 2008

Just made my Sunday morning. Super Bingo is great also.
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It's like a fighter jet made out of Canadians.
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Earlier Metafilter thread on another video from this group.
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Someones getting fucked tonight.

I like.
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Also, Goldeneye Dogs? That Halifax video is dope. Fuck all the haters. Fuck'em.
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Can I have a Goldeneye Retriever even if there's nothing wrong with my eyesight?
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one of the group's writers is a mefi member and a friend of mine... i won't out him without permission of course, but perhaps he'll drop in.
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Makes me not mind moving there so much. Thanks!
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I've ripped most of these to my iPod Touch. It's some kind of awesome that I can watch "Super Bingo" whenever I want.
These guys remind me of what it was like to watch the State for the first time. Yet another kind of awesome.
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my friend does not wish to be outed, but asked me to convey this msg:

"I just wanted to say that the Panda PSA was something we did with
This Hour Has 22 Minutes and was mostly written by them. In other
words: It doesn't represent us, we're keeping it up for their sake.
But whoever linked to us, thanks! And....ahem....you know.....feel
free to buy a t-shirt if the mood should strike you....."

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