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Like to faire une photo? You're not alone. The inimitable (but perhaps for not much longer) National Geographic magazine has advice for taking portraits, travel photography, landscapes, excitingly vague 'adventure' photos and even plan old digital photography. After you've created magic how about selling it or getting published? Sharing is so 2007.
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I love these photos (got another National Geographic photo book for Christmas), but a few of these "tip" pages seem to be fairly light on actual tips.
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Not for long? I am so sad.
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Too bad that "selling it" link points to istockphoto. It's a travesty that photography sells for that low. Better to look to something like the Photoshelter Collection (disclaimer: I'm a member) or Alamy where photographers stand to get a fair cut of a fair price.
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Some photographers are doing quite well on istockphoto. It is heavily used by editorial outlets looking for article inserts who can't afford a couple hundred bucks for a "real" stock image but think that a half dozen $5-$10 no-negotiation images are a bargain. There are also tens of thousands of local businesses that think similarly, leading to the annoying [to me] phenomenon of seeing the same image over and over again in different flyers and brochures.

That Alamy and Corbis are still in business while iStockPhoto flourishes simply means there were untapped markets between "i can shoot that myself" and "$1000 for a fantastic pic."

Anyway: embrace the now. Go out and shoot.
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Not for long? What'd I miss?
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What did you miss? The future! A world everyone is as good as anyone, where amateurs rule, a world in which means no one has to get paid much of anything given that "pros" are just throwbacks let in via deluded gatekeepers or whatever. The only people who still make much money in this scenario are business executives, who get creative work on the cheap.
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Some photographers are doing quite well on istockphoto.

According to PDN's survey of professionals, photographers who sell through istock are actually doing much, much worse than those who sell their images through agencies who aren't trying to scam them.
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... a few of these "tip" pages seem to be fairly light on actual tips.

These are galleries to go along with tip-laden articles. The main index of tip articles is here. Within each article there is a link (on the right under "related topics") to the related gallery and to a condensed list of "quick tips." There is actually quite a lot of info in the articles.
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Am I missing something? Whatnotever just linked to oxford blue's first link, which is this very post.

Is my browser screwing something up or what?
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Is there some specific threat to National Geographic magazine that causes you to hint at its demise?
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Erm, yeah, I'm not sure how that happened. Either I screwed up or Metafilter ate my URL. Probably my fault.

The photo tips main index is here.
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In iStock's defense they don't require up sizing up the photo like Alamy does.
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Ooh, thanks whatnotever.
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