You peed on my car but I still love you. WHY???
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Got an embarrassing love letter or humiliating photo from your angsty teenage years you’d like plastered all over the web, perhaps recited aloud and featured in live performances? Thought so
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Got an embarrassing love letter or humiliating photo from your angsty teenage years you’d like plastered all over the web,

Sure do. It's the only damn thing on my flickr page.
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Don't forget: Teen Angst Poetry
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The title derived from here:
“You peed on my car, you called me FAT, you stuck veggie burgers under my tire that could have caused a major accident and I swear you tried to poison me, but I still love you. WHY??
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Dave just emailed me to tell me they just launched a web video series.
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Did we hose the "thought so" link? It's down.
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That site's down...

But if you want to take it further, why not read it out loud in front of a bunch of people?
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Some of the comments are actually pretty funny. A refreshing surprise.
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If you live in Seattle then you should check out the Cringe-inspired Salon of Shame.
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I used to be pretty mortified of my high school yearbook pictures but somewhere along the way having a huge mullet, a downy dirty upper lip mustache and wearing a Death Angel t-shirt and beat up high tops with ginormous tongues became retro-hipster-awesome so I guess I no longer have to live in fear and shame.
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I saw a Mortified show not too long ago and it was a blast.

After the show, however, I kept thinking about my bad teenage writing. I decided not to audition since the only thing more humiliating than my writing in itself was the idea of reading my bad writing in public, thirteen years later, and being the one reader who bored the shit out of the audience.

Not to mention that even the soi-disant dorks reading that night had apparently gotten exponentially more ass in high school than I did.
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Pictures of my glorious mane of teenage 80s hair are a source of amusement for my kids, and they've read most of my overwrought high school poetry. I don't think a room of total strangers would be any more brutal than they have been. (I'm sure they're just jealous of the big hair!)
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Oh God I cried with laughter. Thanks so much for the many identification bellylaughs. Honestly, I feel less embarrassed about my own stuff now I see it's all par for the course. Maybe there isn't a life well lived if it doesn't have some deeply cringe-worthy parts in it?

Wonderful post.
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After a visit to my folks', my wife just brought home some outtakes from my senior pictures. Phew, does this site ease my pain. I laughed out loud--I mean LOUD--at almost every click of the mouse.

Frickin' hilarious.
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Bitch magazine did a piece on this phenomenon in their latest issue. I recommend it, as it provides an interesting analysis on the subject. That's all I've got to say.
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Sweet Jesus. What I wouldn't do to have certain letters I sent certain girls back when I was an over-sensitive youth burned and then shot into space. At least I can sleep at night knowing that I never kept a diary or wrote poetry.
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Fantastic. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. Thanks for this, Smedleyman.
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That Bitch magazine article was the first thing I thought of, allan.spaulding! It was a very interesting analysis.

That said...oh my God, I cannot stop laughing at the photos. With titles like Kindergarten of the Damned, The Ogilvie Home Perm Disaster, and Coolness: Something You Feel Inside, how can you go wrong?

Mostly I am laughing and cringing in recognition, though. There's more than one elementary chool picture of me with my ruffled plaid (?) blouse, gigantic glasses, and Princess Diana circa 1983 hairdo that would not be out of place on that website. Mortified is right. And let's not even get started on the angsty teenage diaries.
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