Otters in Lithuania
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The best/worst in Lithuanian music: the catchy Otter in Love, DJ Dago's rave music, Suopis ir Rambynas' folk music and Mr Valdas Karklelis and his creepy and [NSFW] pervy writhing .

All these videos are linked by one company (who had something to do with Karkelis' new website). I think maybe this is parody except maybe it's not. I can't tell. Valdas Karklelis seems real - his Geocities page and odd TV appearance make me believe in him. Can any Lithuanians explain what is going on?
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So which is the best and which is the worst? I can't tell. And do they have any musical instruments other than drum machines and synthesizers in Lithuania? I saw guitars with strings, but didn't hear any being played.
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Watching the first link makes me ask myself, which is better: to be the coolest guy in Lithuania, or the 2,738th coolest guy in, say, Miami?
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I like this YouTube exchange from the first Valdas link:

damn i wish i knew what you people are saying =(

all we are saying, is that this... creature in videoclip is a dumbass, fucker, bitch and so on and so on xD

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My eyes!

Here's some ancient Lithuanian folk music by a Romuva (Baltic pagan) group that I enjoy, Kulgrinda.

An instrument often found in Lithuanian folk music is the kankles, known in Finland as a kantele and in Latvia as a kokle.
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Obtest, a Lithuanian black metal band with a penchant for teh wacky.
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Uncyclopedia to the rescue.

I'm surprised that Suopis & Rambynas are not qualifying for ESC 2008.
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Ah, the mother tongue. Unfortunately (or not) my pop didn't teach me the language.

Those videos go a long way to explain that my own personal weirdness might be ancestral.
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I can't believe you forgot LT United, Lithuania's 2006 entry in the Eurovision contest.

Utterly forgettable. I actually know a couple of these guys, and they are huge talents. They should be ashamed at what they came up with (and incidentally, they didn't win Eurovision).

Those videos go a long way to explain that my own personal weirdness might be ancestral.

Definitely a possibility, but we are weird in good ways :-)
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Hi, I'm Valdas.

I'm doing a video.

Want to dress scantily, shake your butt at me, and writhe all over me?

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