Private spaceflight based on open architecture 'like Linux'.
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SpaceShipTwo (SS2) [the suborbital craft] and WhiteKnightTwo [its launch system], created by Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites, have been revealed. More images. Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn says the WhiteKnightTwo will have an "open architecture like Linux to allow other people to develop new vehicles and revolutionize new industrial uses of space". He continues that, if people come to Virgin with plans geared towards the use of WhiteKnightTwo, they will work with them.
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I think this is incredibly awesome, but I'm still sad that Grumman bought out Scaled.
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Oh, wow backseatpilot; I hadn't realized that. Sad, indeed.
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/me downloads spaceship, recompiles kernel with patch to exceed c, colonizes Alpha Centauri

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Drooled a little bit on my keyboard when I saw those renderings I have to admit. Rutan is a god.
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Any advances in space, private or public, give me a Saturn-sized chubby, but can I be the first (on MeFi, at least) to say that White Knight II is pretty damn ugly. It’s like a corporate jet from some wacky Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie.
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The quicker we can get the idle rich into space the better.
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I personally want to see them open a spaceport somewhere in SE asia, and start running 90 minute hops from NM to SE Asia. Turn a 24 hour trip to Japan or Australia into two five hour flights and a 90 minute hop over the pacific.
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Looks like the mutant offspring of a U-2 spyplane and Blinky the fish.
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Scanning error: "Virgin Galactic president Will Wheaton..."
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They need to create the Nobel Prize for Awesome and give it to Rutan already.
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I love the concept of open architecture space craft. What I don't love is the idea of trying to explain what is in my back yard to the authorities:

Look, I know that it looks a lot like an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, and I know that it is giving off 'disturbing' radioactive readings, but I swear, it's just an experiential open-source project. It's not dangerous at all. Well, unless those chips I bought are faulty, or that fuel cell ruptures, or the guidance goes astray, because if any of those things happen, it could be bad... but otherwise it's perfectly safe.

*hides doomsday plans under dog's bed*

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I misspelled Rutan's name. ><>I lose.
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Countdown has begun!
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I love the "Galactic Girl" art they're going to put on the ships.
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Clicking on that Galactic Girl image sends you to the huge 7016x4961 wallpaper image. Thanks jjwiseman!
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The logo is modeled after Branson's mother in her younger days.

The man has issues.
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Why is the combined WK2-SS2 model aimed at the ground in every photo in that zdnet article?
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Thanks jjwiseman!

I think we got to blame ZDNet here.
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Oooooh, sign me up!
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