Art for geeks.
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Paul the Wine Guy explains art, for geeks.
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At first I wasn't too taken with it, but damn if his Mona Lisa isn't the best Gioconda since L. H. O. O. Q.
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I saw the FPP, and I thought, "this is great." So many people have art absolutely *killed* for them in ineptly taught high school or required college courses.

And then I clicked on the link, and saw that it went to a Flickr set of facile jokes at the expense of old warhorses, and I thought, "this sucks and is not good."

And then I giggled a bit. Clever.

[this is good, just not in the way I expected it to be.]
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And David's Napoleon made me cry with joy. Stuart's Washington was really funny too... also brought back happy memories of when LucasArts was more than just movie franchise games.
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Not bad, not bad. Thanks, Dipsomaniac.
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Huh, I thought this would be something better than lame jokes superimposed on famous works of art. I guess the title mislead me.
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Also, what true geek uses <> as the logical not operator? That's VB syntax... Real geeks use != as the logical not operator. C-like syntax FTW!
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I'd say !(this.image instanceof Pipe) instead. It's not Ceci n'est pas le mot 'pipe', after all.

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I think the title about art 'explained' for geeks demonstrates a sad undercurrent in American society of disrespect for people who are academically/technically inclined (what they don't 'get' art since they're too busy with computers? fuck that noise)

I also think the broken image tag one was hilarious and that this is a good post.
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