Behold the Protong!
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Stanislav Szukalski was born in Warta, Poland on December 13, 1893. When he was only six years old, a teacher sent him to the headmaster's office for whittling a pencil. The headmaster examined the pencil more closely and discovered that young Stanislav had carved a tiny, near-perfect figure.

Szukalski studied art in the United States as a teen, then returned to his native Poland, where in 1934, he was declared "The Greatest Living Artist" by the Polish government, and was to be given his own museum to house his works. Unfortunately, The Siege of Warsaw forced him to flee to the United States. The museum was destroyed by bombing, and much of his work was destroyed.
Back in the States, he toiled in obscurity until 1971, when his work was discovered by Glenn Bray. Bray became his patron, and issued two publications of his work. Bray also attempted to generate interest from museums, but despite the quality and quantity of Szukalski's work, they were not interested. Szukalski's strange and passionate belief in his "science" of Zermatism may have contributed to their antipathy. He believed that all human culture was derived from a single perfect race that originated on Easter Island, and that racial variation was due to interbreeding with the Yetinsin, an interbreeding that would ultimately lead to the downfall of humanity.
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Crazy philosophy, beautiful art.
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Szukalski was a fantastic artist, a twisted genius and the inspiration for a lot of the Subgenius tradition. I salute Stanislav Szukalski. I-YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!!!!!!
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The way things go...we will be utterly destroyed, no trace of us will be left, except for the work of this artist. Stragglers from some cosmic disarray, will stumble upon any one of these, and wonder who we were, and yet, know why we are gone. They will say it was over utilization of resources, that led to culture wide madness and destruction...then they will find the Easter Island heads, and recognize their distant relatives...
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Behold! The Protong!
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Beautiful work - thanks.
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Interesting! I am not usually an admirer of contemporary sculpture, but his are quite beautiful. Thanks for this. Another great Polish artist! (my favorite is Beksinski)

And... "California Man" - HAHAHAHAHA
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Some of his work can still be viewed at the Polish Museum of America in Chicago. We went there a few years back and were floored at the beauty, and full blown insanity of his work. He was a real genius, and a Subgenius saint.
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This guy's excellent. Never heard of him before. Thanks!
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