Mobile phones alert husbands to cheating wives
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Mobile phones alert husbands to cheating wives
i suppose this could work both ways...
posted by bwg (6 comments total)
Why didn't the slob that used this on his wife do either of the following:

1. Lose the beer gut
2. Price pumpkin shells fast
3. Look up foreplay; it's not tennis
4. Buy a swimming pool, and by extension, a pool boy.
5. Get the poor woman a chastity belt; at least she doesn't have to deal with you then.

It's interesting that the device triggers when weight greater than the wife uses the bed. Did the man sleep in his 18 wheeler parked by the outhouse?

Work both ways? Definitely.
posted by alladinsane at 8:59 AM on April 7, 2001

Yeah... it sure is a good thing that it is never ever the wife's fault... definitely a good thing.
posted by TractorInc at 11:06 AM on April 7, 2001

See? This is why I don't let the dog sleep on the bed with me. It really does ruin your marriage, just like my grandmother told me.
posted by kristin at 4:43 PM on April 7, 2001

This has enormous potential for pranks. The person on the bed can plop down with a big stack of books and when the spouse rushes home to catch them in the act, he/she will be reading a book.
posted by bargle at 11:53 PM on April 7, 2001

Hm. Don't they have sleazy motels in Romania?
posted by Optamystic at 11:40 AM on April 8, 2001

i think that, if my husband was an inventor, i'd definitely go somewhere other than to my place for an affair.
posted by tolkhan at 10:41 AM on April 9, 2001

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