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This 10 month old Pit Bull is probably going to be put down because of a law in Ontario which took effect in August, 2005. Granted, there was an attack on a baby in London, Ontario recently. 4 Legged Love is against the ban and even has some pit bulls for adoption. I, for one, hope they approve the 24-hour exemption so he can be shipped out of the province. You can help to by emailing your support to either Carolyn Parish or Pat Saito. And this is Mississauga Animal Services' contact info.
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This is a very sad story that would make an excellent post to your own blog, had you one.
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Editorializing = not so cool, even if I pretty much agree with you.
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apparently, i'm shit at this. /puts tail between legs and walks away
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“We had this dog for eight months and we all loved and cherished this dog and at no point did we think that she was aggressive or going to be aggressive"

So, is it the breed or the owners?

For bonus credit: Fat people: metabolism or life habits?

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For more bonus credit: Who is to blame for fat pit bulls?
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Is "I think this dog isn't going to be aggressive" really the safety margin we want?
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"For more bonus credit: Who is to blame for fat pit bulls?"

Depends on how many babies they eat.
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