Analog photoshop
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Before photoshop, there was Oscar Gustave Rejlander. He is hailed as the father of art photography and the pioneer of the combination print.

Some of his works can be seen here and here, but his most famous and controversial photograph was "The Two Ways of Life."

As Rejlander was the pioneer of the multiple image, Jerry Uelsmann proved to be the innovator. Sometimes using between three and ten enlargers, he is considered to have an almost "magical skill" with his completely analog tools. His website can also be found here.
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Uh, because threads without comments make me sad, I'll just put in that Uelsmann is an awesome photographer whose work I am (dorky as this may be) I am familiar with because of this.
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Kittens, either everyone is busy in the sweater puppies thread or this post sucks.
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The "magical skill" link is great. Thanks.
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It's the sweater puppies. People just can't take their eyes off them, I hear.
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Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor came to speak to us at our Art Education Assoc. conference this past November. They were pretty awesome!
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