1930s Japanese Air Raid and Civil Defence Posters
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The Japanese National Archives have a nice set of late 1930s, pre-World War 2, civil defence posters, created in response to their hostilities with China: General Air Raid Defence; Blackout Control; Fire Protection; and Gas Attack. via Airminded, an excellent blog on "Airpower and British Society 1908-1941, mostly."

Each poster has explanation if you click the "comments" button. I found the "jpeg" link, not the "jpeg2000" link worked better, unless you want to load a browser tool. I loved was terrified by Action Radius of Heavy Bombers; Blackout of Automobile; Disposal for dropped incendiaries (interesting they were so sensitive to the danger of fire bombing, in 1937); and the Effectiveness of Gas Masks. High resolution is available for all posters. The rest of the archives gallery is great as well, especially these pedagogical wall posters from elementary schools.
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The specific Airminded post about this archive, with interesting comments as well.
posted by Rumple at 12:22 PM on January 26, 2008

Favorited. Great stuff. Can't wait to show Mom these, see if she remembers some of them.
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Oh snap, just found the maps. Awesome.
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The colors are really distinctive. I can't think of anything else that looks quite like these.

The idea that you have to have Windows and their preferred plugin to see JP2s is just silly. QuickTime shouldn't have a problem.
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Really cool stuff.

And, yeah, the requirement of an ActiveX viewer to look at the jpeg2000 versions is dumb. Hell, my ancient version of Safari displays jp2's just fine.
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Nice find! Thanks.
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Very nice.

Their bomber-range explains the IGHQ's approval of taking the Aleutian islands, and Operation Ichi-go (which in a curious coincidence is either 'Operation #1' or 'Operation Strawberry').

It also illustrates (cough) a (/cough) mefi comment from last year, how B-29s carrying significant payloads, let alone A-bombs, from Tinian wasn't foreseeable prior to the war.

I've found (elsewhere) this image that encapsulates the zeitgeist of the "Victory Disease" happy times of early-mid 1942, and how Japanese imperial attention was focused southwards during WW2 proper and (understandably) not able to fully comprehend the impact of the rebuilt force of the US coming out the East in 1943-1944.
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Airminded really is a wonderful blog - very glad to see it mentioned here.
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Oh snap, just found the maps. Awesome.

The maps are groovy. Great link, thanks!
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except for it being slightly broken, you can tell it to make you big ol' 2560x1600 wallpapers out of details of these scans.
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Nice find, thanks Rumple!
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Wow, this stuff is great. Many of the pedagogical charts, in particular, are beautiful. Thanks for the post!
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These are really cool. They're just aching to have posters made out of them.
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