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Barefootin'! Ron Hunter, men's basketball coach of IUPUI, decides to raise awareness for Samaritan's Feet, a charity that collects shoes for needy children, by coaching barefoot. Initially, he hoped to collect 40,000 pairs in honor of the 40th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. - 110,000 pairs of shoes were collected by tip-off.

An inspiring(?) story.
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ron hunter is the same coach who in 2003 did an excited belly-flop onto the court when his team made it into the NCAA tourney. good on him!

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A staggering 110,000 pairs of shoes have so far been donated to Samaritan's Feet, a nonprofit, Christian-based charity that seeks to put shoes on 10 million people throughout the world over a 10-year span.

Man, if only more Christian-based charities were so . . . Christian.
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I go to IUPUI and I am dropping off 4 pairs of shoes before class tomorrow. It's good to see that the word is getting out.
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Not only a school but a palindrome They had an ad campaign for a while that was "WHY NOT BOTH?", one poster featured a lady at a library desk, looking at two guys.
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that was a terrible ad campaign for a school that struggles with its identity and is trying so hard to become more than a commuter college. the tiny, tiny gym doesn't help either.
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Damn it, I already threw my extra pair over the power lines.
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