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Buttercup Festival is resurrected! Our beloved comic strip is back. Three new panels are up so far.
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Oh I get it. Owls sound like they are saying "who". I never noticed that. It takes an artist of uncommon caliber to point out what's staring us right in the face.
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Yay! This is awesome news.
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Hooray! Hurrah! I've missed Buttercup Festival's whimsy so.
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Hooray! I'm glad to see him doing the strip again--I love his style.
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OMG, thank you, world!

I was JUST trying to remember the name of this comic earlier today.
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Maybe I'm just a unimaginative heathen, but each of these strips make me feel like there's a whole 'nother set of panels that I should've read that carried the conclusion.

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This is the best thing that ever happened to me on a day my boss called me ugly.
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I haven't read this since it was in the UMass Amherst student newspaper. Thank you for posting this. It has made my week!
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I read some of the past ones too. I like the style, but I keep trying to turn up the volume on the font. What...is...it...saying? Maybe I'm just blind.
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I widened my eyes as much as I could out of pure joy. I love Buttercup Festival so much!

Thanks for informing me of this -- it would've taken me forever to find out for myself.
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This is great! I was a sad panda when he stopped doing it, and I searched in vain to find one of the few printed collections that was put out of the original strip.
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Thanks for the link. I remember this strip fondly for all the landscape drawing tricks I cribbed from it. I guess class is in session again, cha-ching!
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I haven't read this since it was in the UMass Amherst student newspaper.

Me neither, I didn't even realize it had gotten a web following!
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your webcomic is bad and you should feel bad.
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Such insightful comments, you two.
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Buttercup Festival has always filled me with a sense of youthful whimsy. The world of Buttercup Festival is one in which everything has a point of view -- the toast, the butterflies, the moldy strawberries. Usually, those points of view are joyful, showing appreciation just for the bare privilege of existing and thinking. Sometimes, those points of view are a little more depressing, but, even then.. It's just a depressed piece of toast, and it's okay for toast to sometimes feel a little down.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the strip's main character. He's someone who dresses up as death. There isn't anything more goth, more disappointed, or more melancholy than that. But even so -- even as a person who has chosen to surround himself in the black garb of mortality-- he's always willing to go on wild adventures just for the sake of experiencing more. He's willing to get on stilts to date destiny, just because it's worth doing. He seeks out the new, the precious, the valuable. Even though he accepts that life just downright sucks, he's going to get the most out of it. It's not that he has a sense of determination. No, instead, it's just that he knows no other: he seeks out joy and everything valuable just because, well, that's what he does.

I didn't have that whimsical a childhood. I don't have any nostalgia for a simpler time. I never pretended that some random stick was a magic wand and the back yard was a forest filled with leprechauns and unicorns. But I have Buttercup Festival, which is a world filled with magic. Every time I get to read Buttercup Festival, I get to spend a few moments dwelling on how great and magical even the simplest, silliest parts of our short, mortal lives can be.

(I really like Buttercup Festival.)
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Is there an RSS feed somewhere?
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