A More Subtle Brilliance of Execution
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Virtual Morphologies - the dark surreal stylings of J. Karl Bogartte. "In 1973 I accidentally discovered that by moving things around on the ordinary copy machine (and in effect, subverting its intended purposeā€¦), strange conjunctions revealed themselves. At the beginning of 2000, I just as suddenly abandoned this process and leaped into the 21st century, exploring the computer and the realms of digital surrealité."
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See also the early work of Sonia Landy-Sheridan.
posted by Jofus at 6:11 AM on January 29, 2008

Fantastic. I love this presidential debate a la Francis Bacon.
posted by fleetmouse at 7:40 AM on January 29, 2008

Awesome and unique. Nice FPP!
posted by misha at 9:18 AM on January 29, 2008

Great post! I've had similar fun with a scanner, but of course, didn't take it as far or with as excellent a result as Bogartte did. I find it pretty inspiring. Too bad the images are so small.
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Wow. these are great. thanks!
posted by dhruva at 5:12 PM on January 29, 2008

The images: pretty rad!

The theory: leaden and tedious. I'm not sure I like reading self-scholarship like this.

Still cool, though.
posted by lumensimus at 5:23 PM on January 29, 2008

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