Travels in a Militarised Society.
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groundviews is Sri Lankan citizen journalism initiative.

There is a lot of good stuff here. I started by reading Travels in a Militarised Society (Part one and two). What Liberation, on the government taking control of the East, is also an interesting read.
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Very interesting. The first post, discussing the bright cheer that so many villagers have towards the increasing conflict, is fascinating.
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Nice nice nice find ! The first articles are very interesting :
On every corner of the busy crossroads large posters bless our three military forces – air, land and sea — faithfully pursuing their duty until the final victory
There you have it , propaganda.
Can I check your ID?” I am taken aback for a moment; then ask politely, “Who are you?” “You don’t have to know who I am. I am a Boralla Junction Civil Guard. We work for the Police.”
And the dreaded right to stop a citizen to ask him for an id without a demonstrable probable cause, which is temporary detention light + fear mindset
I spot my bus with its slogan: “This is The Nation of Buddha” and climb up. Inside a sticker reads, “This bus does not charge for Buddhist Sunday School children or Buddhist monks”
SiddarthaShake ! Religion used as an excuse for privilege ?
It’s a beautiful ad; with emotive music and spectacular images it summons our brave population to join the armed forces and defend the motherland. (This highly respected filmmaker has also recently published a book for the peace industry that analyses the relationship between the nation’s conflict and its cinema.)

I mean, Religious Right, Some Politician, The SandNiggers's the same shit, exactly the same shit !
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That figure struck me as really crazy too. Not sure where it comes from. The site looks to be fairly left-leaning, anti-war, etc.
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