Chinese ice sculpture festival
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Harbin Ice and Snow World 2007 "Welcome to... Beijing after an ice storm? No, this is “The Eighth Annual Harbin Ice and Snow World”, China’s premiere winter event." Previously on MeFi.
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I've seen pictures over the years; before I die, I'd like to go to Harbin for this. Cold, too!!
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Absolutely beautiful. I had never heard of or seen this before.
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I went to the Harbin ice festival last year. It was nuts. I came towards the end of the festival season, and many structures were melting or collapsing, which in no way resulted in their closure. In dark, the place was half-vivid dream David Lynch wonderland, and half biggest liability nightmare you'd imagine. But then again, that's my experience of just about everywhere in China...
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I went about 3 years ago, and I'm going again next week. Agree with the crazy liability issues. I really can't imagine how people are not constantly breaking bones. Everything is slippery, and you know.. icey.

Worth the trip just to see the condensation from my breath freeze on my eyelashes.
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I was in Harbin at New Years. The lights are frozen into the structures. The Acropolis was pretty amazing.

Agree about the liability issues. The kids had fun on the ice slides, especially since there was no one telling them (other than me) not to slide standing up. There was even a ice climbing wall. We saw lots of people limping away from that one.

Really cold. About -19c. Not too many westerners. I had Chinese tourists asking to have their picture taken with me.

Also in Harbin is a pool they chop out of the ice in the river. For a small fee you can go and watch a dozen people take a swim.

For another small fee you can see a live chicken tossed out of a vehicle (looking straight out of Mad Max) to a tiger. We're still trying to device if the egg was dropped out of fear or pressure...
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Also, these photos are from last year. Look here for 2008 Ice Festival photos (self link to flickr).
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I lived in Harbin for a year, and although I did eventually make it to the Ice Festival when I was there, I was initially none too enthusiastic at the prospect of paying money to see more ice. Seriously, that city is fucking cold. It got down to -30 a few times.
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Great post, thanks.
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The weather there sounds lovely. Last week here, the wind chill was as cold as -47.
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