Robot High School
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Bloody balls! Make sure to stick around for the surprise ending.

Supposedly no significant computer generated effects were added.
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Wild. It actually doesn't look much like CG at the beginning. Or actually, it looks like CG in that it looks a lot like something people would normally do with CG, but the lighting, radiosity, etc look very real. Obviously, CG gets better and better, so there are no guarantees.
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YourTube sucks.
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I missed the surprise.
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not very surprising, except for the fact that Youtube showed a "10:00" duration and it ended after 3:12... more relieving....
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Allegorical? Surprise? Questions? I don't see it.

I did like the music, though. Thanks.
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i hate youtube. but i like my robot friend. what's a girl to do?
i liked it. a lot.
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That's your 'more inside' ???
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I was half expecting Bloody balls.
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This is exactly what happens whenever I try to play Guitar Hero.
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That was a great, great video.
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Robot High School allegorically questions what happens when our perspective and views of reality are manipulated by those in authority without any moral concern for the outcome.


I think it's an excellent video, however, it's hard to reconcile "minor post-production cleanup" and credits for "rotoscoping".

But the idea gets kudos and it's enjoyable.

For one-take music videos made recently, I think I'll stick with "Work it Out".
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I enjoyed it. Thanks.
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I had the bloody balls when I didn’t go commando in training a bit back. This was nothing like that. Which, y’know, is really a good thing.
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