Mark Liu's Fly Fishing Art
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Mark Liu's Fly Fishing Art.....Mark is both an artist and a photographer, with a love of the outdoors, and of fly fishing. In addition to his paintings linked in the title, Mark also has a blog dedicated to his fishing related photography. One of the neat aspects of Mark's site is his offer to send you free art if you take a kid fishing! If, like me, you're stuck in a long winter of ice and snow, these paintings and photos will provide a few moments of vicarious fishing! Enjoy!
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One of life's more satisfying pleasures is the perfect presentation of a fly to a big fat trout feeding off of the surface in a small pool on the opposite side of a river. A river truly does run through it.
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Man, I thought that headline read "Mark Liu's Flying Fish Art". This is cool too.

Those sharp, barbed hooks whipping back and forth on the end of long, barely visible strands give me the willies when I even think about them.
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Ooh, I like Mark Liu's fishing photography. This one of a kingfisher is really beautiful.

And James Prosek's paintings are excellent.

My soft spot is the dragonflies made by Graham Owen: Realistic and Artistic Fly Tying.
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May 1st is the start of the season for trout on the river where I fish, so I have to endure not only the winter of ice and snow, but also 2/3rds of spring before I get to catch another trout. I've been catching up with back issues of This Is Fly, and dreaming of my first cast.
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